SEAT 1400

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SEAT 1400
SEAT 1400 A
Production1953 – 1963
AssemblyBarcelona Zona Franca, Spain
DesignerDante Giacosa
Body and chassis
ClessLairge faimily caur (D)
Body style4-door sedan
rear-wheel drive
RelatitFiat 1400
Transmission4-speed manual
Wheelbase265 cm (104.3 in)
Lenth424 cm (166.9 in)
Weenth166 cm (65.4 in)
Hicht153 cm (60.2 in)
Crib wecht1,150 kg (2,540 lb)-1,250 kg (2,760 lb)
SuccessorSEAT 1500

The SEAT 1400 wis the first caur produced bi SEAT, it wis a rebrandit Fiat 1400, itself Fiat’s first integratit chassis model. The caur wis a sma fower door sedan: components wur shipt as CKD kits frae Italy an assembled bi SEAT at their new plant in Barcelona's Zona Franca atween 1953 an 1964.

Chronologie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Annoonced at the end o 1956, the SEAT 1400 B wis a Spainyie assembled version o the Fiat 1400 shown here. Production startit on 13 November 1953.
  • The first SEAT 1400, affered atween 1953 an 1955, incorporatit a 1395 cc fower cylinder watercooled Fiat ingine wi a claimed ootput o 44 bhp an top speed o 116 km/h (72 mph).
  • The SEAT 1400 A, the first revision, launcht for 1955 wis a modernised version o the original 1400, based on the Fiat 1400 A which haed appeared frae Turin the previous year. Publisht pouer ootput wis nou raised tae 50 bhp an the top speed tae 125 km/h (78 mph).
  • The SEAT 1400 B appearin for 1957 retained its predecessor’s bodywirk but featured a revised front grill an affered a twa tone paint scheme. In addition tae the sedan, a five door station wagon an commercial delivery truck version wur available. Claimed ingine ootput an maximum speed for the sedan wur nou 58 bhp an 135 km/h (84 mph). This version o the 1400 woud continue in production till 1964.
  • The SEAT 1400 C wis introduced in 1960. The modern Pininfarina styled body, came frae the recently introduced Fiat 1800. The previous SEAT 1400 B remained in production: the twa caurs wur affered in parallel, sharin the same ingine, tho the newer caur wis langer an, it appears, slichtly hivier than the auld. The decision tae fit the auld fower cylinder unit in the new bodied SEAT rather than tae tool up for assembly in Catalonie o the new sax cylinder ingines bein fittit bi Fiat in the new bodied caurs appears tae hae been taken on cost grunds: disposable incomes in Spain at this time wur far lawer than those in Italy. In 1963 a five door estate version o the 1400 C appeared, featurin a twa piece tailgate. The introduction o a diesel ingined version woud hae tae await the successor model, housomeivver.

Bi 1964, when the caur wis replacit bi the SEAT 1500, 82.894 examples coverin fower distinctively different versions o the 1400 haed been produced.

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