S/2004 N 1

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S/2004 N 1
S-2004 N1 Hubble montage.jpg
Composite o Hubble Space Telescope images frae
2009 shawin Neptune, S/2004 N 1, an some o
Neptune's rings an ither inner muins. The brichtness o
the muins relative tae Neptune is greatly enhanced.
Discovered bi M. R. Showalter, I. de Pater,
J. J. Lissauer, R. S. French[1]
Discovery date July 1, 2013
Orbital chairactereestics[3]
~ 105,283 km
Eccentricity ~ 0.000[2]
0.9362 d[3]
Satellite o Neptune
Pheesical chairacteristics
Mean radius
8–10 km[3]
Albedo assumed law

S/2004 N 1 is a smaa muin o Neptune, aboot 18 km (11 mi) in diameter, which orbits the planet in just unner ane Yird day. Its discovery on 1 Julie 2013 increased Neptune's retinue o kent satellites tae fowerteen.[4] The muin is so dim that it wis nae observed when Voyager 2 flew bi in 1989. Mark Showalter o the SETI Institute foond it bi analyzing archived Neptune photographs the Hubble Space Telescope captured atween 2004 an 2009.[5]

The designation "S/2004 N 1" is provisional; "2004" refers tae the year the data wis first acquired, nae the year o discovery.

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