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Roushie Wikipaedia

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The Main Page o the Roushie Wikipaedia.
The homepage o the Roushie Wikipaedia.
Teep o steid
Internet encyclopaedia project
Available inRoushie
HeidquartersMiami, Florida
AwnerWikimedia Foondation
Launched20 Mey 2001
Content license
Creative Commons ShareAlike License 3.0

The Roushie Wikipaedia (Roushie: Ру́сская Википе́дия) is the Roushie leid edeetion o Wikipaedia. It haes ower 1,986,000 airticles. It wis foondit on 20 Mey 2001. Bi Mey 2008 it haed acome the 10t lairgest Wikipaedia bi size an in December 2012 it ranks 6t.

It is the lairgest Wikipaedia written in ony Slavic leid surpassin its nearest rival, the Pols Wikipaedia, aichtfauld bi the parameter o depth.[1] In addeetion, the Roushie Wikipaedia is the lairgest Wikipaedia written in Cyrillic[2] or in a script ither than Laitin script.


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