Rockstar North

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Rockstar North Limited (formerly DMA Design Limited) is a video gemme developer basit in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company wis foondit as ACME Software, in Dundee in 1984, bi classmates David Jones, Russell Kay, Steve Hammond, an Mike Dailly, an wis renamit DMA Design in 1987. Durin its early years, DMA Design wis backit bi its publisher psygnosis, primarily focusin on Amiga, Atari ST an Commodore 64 games. Durin this time, they creatit successful shooters such as menace, an blood money, but it soon turnit tae platform games after the release o Lemmings in 1991, which wis an international success an lit tae several sequels an spin-offs. After developin unirally for Nintendo, DMA Design wis set tae become ane o their main second-party developers, but this partnership endit after Nintendo's disapproval o Body Harvest.

In 1997, DMA releasit Grand Theft Auto, which wis a huge success; the game sparkit a successful series. The company wis soon acquirit bi Gremlin Interactive. Followin the release o Grand Theft Auto 2, Gremlin wis acquirit bi Infogrames. DMA Design wis sold tae Take-Two Interactive, the owner o Grand Theft Auto publisher Rockstar Games. In 2001, after the release o Grand Theft Auto III, DMA Design wis ultimately renamit Rockstar North an became part o the Rockstar Games label. After the shift, the company workit on new titles, includin Manhunt, providit support tae other Rockstar Games such as Red Dead Redemption an Max Payne 3, an continuit the Grand Theft Auto franchise wi Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) an Grand Theft Auto V (2013). Baith gemmes are considerit ane o the best video gemmes made an Grand Theft Auto V became ane o the best-sellin games o aw time. Leslie Benzies heidit the studio syne the Take-Two acquisition till his depairtur in 2016.