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Directit biDon Bluth
Produced bi
Screenplay biDavid N. Weiss
Story bi
Based onChantecler
bi Edmond Rostand
Muisic biRobert Folk
CinematographyRobert Paynter
Eeditit bi
  • Lisa Dorney
  • Dan Molina
  • Fiona Trayler
Distributit bi
Release date
  • 2 August 1991 (1991-08-02) (Unitit Kingdom)
  • 23 August 1991 (1991-08-23) (Ireland)
  • 3 Apryle 1992 (1992-04-03) (Unitit States)
Rinnin time
74 minutes
  • Ireland
  • Unitit Kingdom
  • Unitit States
Budget$18 million
Box office$11,657,385[1]

Rock-a-Doodle is a 1991 Irish/British/American live action/animatit muisical comedy adventur film produced bi Sullivan Bluth Studios an Goldcrest Films. Loosely based on Edmond Rostand's comedy Chantecler,[2] Rock-a-Doodle wis directed bi Don Bluth an written bi David N. Weiss. The film featurs the voices o Glen Campbell, Christopher Plummer, Phil Harris (in his final film role afore his retirement an daith), Charles Nelson Reilly, Sorrell Booke, Sandy Duncan, Eddie Deezen, Ellen Greene, an Toby Scott Ganger in his film debut. The film wis released in the Unitit Kingdom on 2 August 1991 an in the Unitit States an Canada on 3 April 1992.

Cast[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Toby Scott Ganger as Edmond, the son o a human farmer.
  • Glen Campbell as Chanticleer, a rooster who lifes on a farm wi mony ither animals.
  • Phil Harris as Patou, a Basset Hound who is a good friend tae both Chanticleer an Edmond, an plays the narrator chairacter o the story. This wad be Harris's final actin role; he died four years efter its release, aged 91.
  • Christopher Plummer as The Grand Duke of Owls, a magical owl who despises Chanticleer.
  • Ellen Greene as Goldie, a pheasant an singer an aa in Pinky's employment.
  • Eddie Deezen as Snipes, a magpie.
  • Sandy Duncan as Peepers, a mouse.
  • Charles Nelson Reilly as Hunch, The Grand Duke's pygmy owl nephew an lead henchman.
  • Sorrell Booke as Pinky, a tod who favours golf. He is an aa Chanticleer's manager in the ceety. This wis Booke's final film role.
  • Will Ryan as Stuey, a chronically nervous pig frae Chanticleer's farm.
  • Louise Chamis as Minnie Rabbit, ane o the animals frae the farm.
  • Bob Gallico as Radio Announcer
  • Jake Steinfeld as Farmyard Bully, a minion o The Grand Duke sent bi him tae stop Chanticleer frae crowin. Steinfeld an aa voiced Max the Bouncer, a bouncer frog who is ane o Pinky's henchman.
  • T.J. Kuenster, Jim Doherty, John Drummond, an Frank Kelly as The Grand Duke's Owl Henchman
  • Kathryn Holcomb as Dory, Edmond's mither
  • Stan Ivar as Frank, Edmond's faither
  • Christian Hoff as Scott, ane o Edmond's older brithers
  • Jason Marin as Mark, ane o Edmond's older brithers

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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