Robert I o Fraunce

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Robert I
Keeng o Wastren Francie
Keeng o the Franks (mair...)
Ring 29 Juin 922 – 15 Juin 923
Coronation 29 Juin 922, Rheims
Predecessor Charles the Simple
Successor Rudolph o Fraunce
Born 15 August 866(866-08-15)
Dee'd 15 Juin 923(923-06-15) (aged 56)
Soissons, Fraunce
Issue Emma o Fraunce
Adel of France
Hugh the Great
Hoose Robertian
Faither Robert the Strang
Mither Adelaide o Tours

Robert I o Fraunce (866–923) wis the keeng o Wast Francie frae 922 tae 923.