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The ribosome (frae ribonucleic acid an the Greek soma, meanin "body") is a muckle an complex molecular machine, foond within aw livin cells, that serves as the primary steid o biological protein synthesis (translation). Ribosomes link amino acids thegither in the order specifee'd bi messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules. Ribosomes conseest o twa major components: the smaw ribosomal subunit, that reads the RNA, an the muckle subunit, that jynes amino acids tae form a polypeptide cheen. Ilk subunit is componed o ane or mair ribosomal RNA (rRNA) molecules an a variety o ribosomal proteins (r-protein or rProtein[1][2][3]). The ribosomes an associatit molecules are forby kent as the translational apparatus.

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