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Renée Simonot

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Renée Simonot
Renée Deneuve
BornJeanne Renée Deneuve
10 September 1911(1911-09-10)
Le Havre, Fraunce
Dee'd11 Julie 2021(2021-07-11) (aged 109)
  • Stage actress
  • voice artist
  • film actress
Years active1918–2001
Hauf-marrae(s)Maurice Dorléac
(m. 1940; d. 1979)
Bairns4, including Françoise Dorléac an Catherine Deneuve
KinChristian Vadim (guidson)
Chiara Mastroianni (guiddaughter)

Renée Simonot (10 September 1911 - 11 July 2021) was a French actress. She wis married tae actor Maurice Dorléac, an is the mither o actresses Catherine Deneuve an Françoise Dorléac, an grandmither o actors Christian Vadim an Chiara Mastroianni.

Personal life an career

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Born Jeanne Renée Deneuve in Le Havre, Fraunce. She debuted at the Odeon Theatre in 1918 at the age o 7. Primarily a stage actress, she remained there for 28 years, hauldin the post o "leading lady". Her dochter Catherine chose tae uise her maiden name, Deneueve, as her stage name. Simonot is Renée's stage name, which she teuk frae a opera sangster an faimily friend.[1]

Renée Simonot wis ane o the first French actresses tae begin the dubbing o American films in Fraunce frae the beginnin o the talkies in 1929 throu the 1930s. She wis the voice o Olivia de Havilland (in maist o her films), Sylvia Sidney, Judy Garland an Esther Williams, amang ithers. She met Maurice Dorléac while dubbin for MGM, that she marriet in 1940 an she haed three dochters: Françoise in 1942, Catherine in 1943, an Sylvie in 1946. She, wi actor Aimé Clariond, haed a dochter Danielle an aw, born in 1937.[2][3]

Simonot deed in Paris in Julie 2021 at the age o 109.[4][5]

Select Theatre

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  • 1921 Les Misérables Paul Meurice and Charles Hugo based on the novel by Victor Hugo, Odeon Theatre
  • 1922: Henry Dupuy-Molière and Jean-José Mazuel Frappa, directed Gémier Firmin, Odeon Theatre
  • 1928 La Belle Aventure Gaston Arman de Caillavet, Robert de Flers, Stephen Rey, Odeon Theatre
  • 1932: The Favorite Martial Piéchaud, Odeon Theatre
  • 1934: Joan of Arc in Saint-Georges de Bouhélier, Odeon Theatre


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