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A teepical refrigerator wi its door open
An early electric refidgerator, with a cyclindrical heat exchanger on top. Now in the collection of Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum.

A refrigerator (aften cried a "fridge" for short) is a cuilin appliance makkit up o a thermally insulatit compairtment an a mechanism for tae transpose heat frae it tae the ootside environs, cuilin the contents tae a temperatur ablo room temperatur. Refrigerators is widely uised for tae keep fuids that dwynes at room temperaturs; spylin frae bacteriel growthe an ither processes is a hantle slawer at laich temperaturs. A device descrived as a "refrigerator" keeps a temperatur a wheen degrees abuin the freezin pynt o watter; a sib device that keeps a temperatur ablo the freezin pynt o watter is cried a "freezer". The refrigerator is a quite modren upmak amang kitchen appliances. It replaced the common icebox that haed been pitten ootside for naurlins a century an a hauf afore, an is whiles still cried by the oreeginal name "icebox".

Some Scots leid enthusiasts hae cleckit the neologism cauld-press for refrigerators.