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Location o Redange in the Canton o Redange

Redange or Redange-sur-Attert (Luxembourgish: Réiden, German: Redingen) is a commune an toun in wastren Luxembourg, near the border wi Belgium. It is the caipital o the canton o Redange. Redange is situatit on the river Attert, a tributary o the Alzette.

As o 2005, the toun o Redange, which lies in the wast o the commune, haes a population o 1,099. Ither touns athin the commune include Lannen, Nagem, Niederpallen, Ospern, an Reichlange.

Redange is the birthplace o Luxembourg's Prime Meenister, Jean-Claude Juncker.

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Coordinates: 49°46′N 5°53′E / 49.767°N 5.883°E / 49.767; 5.883