RRS Discovery

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RRS Discovery
RRS Discovery in Antarcticae c. 1923
Ainer: Dundee Heritage Trust since 1985
Bigger: Dundee Shipbuilders Company, Dundee
Laid doun: 1900
Launched: 21 March 1901[1]
Sponsored by: Lady Markham
Christened: Leddy Markham
Status: Museum ship in Dundee, Scotland
General chairacteristics
Cless an teep: Widden Barque; 1 funnel, 3 masts
Tonnage: 736 GRT[2]
Displacement: 1,570 tonnes[3]
Lenth: 172 ft (52 m)
Beam: 33 ft (10 m)
Propulsion: Coal-fired 450hp steam ingine an sail
Speed: 8 knot (15 km/h; 9.2 mph)
Crew: 11 officers an 36 men

RRS Discovery wis the last tradeetional widden three-mastit ship tae be biggit in Breetain. Designed for Antarctic resairch, it wis launched as a Royal Research Ship (RRS) in 1901. Its first mission wis the Breetish Naitional Antarctic Expedeetion, cairyin Robert Falcon Scott an Ernest Shackleton on their first, successfu jurney tae the Antarctic, kent as the Discovery Expedeetion. It is nou the centrepiece o veesitor attraction in its hame, Dundee.

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Fremmit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 56°27′25″N 2°58′0″W / 56.45694°N 2.96667°W / 56.45694; -2.96667