RISE – Scotland's Left Alliance

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RISE – Scotland's Left Alliance
LeaderJonathon Shafi
Foondit29 August 2015 (2015)
Heidquarters11 Moorfield Road
G72 0RH[1]
Scottish unthirldom
Scots republicanism
Poleetical poseetionLeft-weeng[2]
ColoursReid, white
Scoth Pairlament
0 / 129
Local govrenment in Scotland
0 / 1,227
Politics o Scotland
Political parties

RISE – Scotland's Left Alliance is a left-weeng electoral alliance an poleetical pairty creatit aheid o the 2016 Scots Pairlament general election. The name is a contrived acronym staundin for Respect, Independence, Socialism an Environmentalism.

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