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Qishn is located in Yemen
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 15°25′22″N 51°40′53″E / 15.42278°N 51.68139°E / 15.42278; 51.68139
Kintra Yemen
GovrenorateAl Mahrah Govrenorate
Time zoneUTC+3 (Yemen Staundart Time)

Qishn (Arabic: قشن‎) is a coastal toun in Al Mahrah Govrenorate, soothren Yemen. It is locatit at aroond 15°25′22″N 51°40′53″E / 15.42278°N 51.68139°E / 15.42278; 51.68139. Its population is estimatit at mair nor 80000. It haes a landin strip, which is currently no in uise.

Historically, Qishn wis a port frae which incense wis exportit. The traveller an splorer Freya Stark notes that, "...frae Qishn, 200 tae 250 tons (o incense, annually). The best o it comes frae Saudah, Hadhbarm an Mirbãt, an the worst frae Qishn."[1]

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