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Ane pund avoirdupois wecht
Ane pund avoirdupois wecht

The pund (cutty form: lb, lbm, whiles # in the Unitit States) is a unit o mass uised in the imperial, Unitit States customar an ither seestems o meisurment. A nummer o sindry defineetions haes been uised, the maist common the day bein the internaitional avoirdupois pund o exactly 0.45359237 kilogramme.

Touer pund

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A Touer pund wis a unit o wecht equal tae 5400 grains (juist ower 3/4 o an ordinar (avoirdupois) pund). The Breetish money unit is cried a "pound" acause it wis oreeginally a Touer pund o siller (wirth aboot £38 the day). The wecht staundart wis cheenged tae the Troy pund (5760 grains) in 1528.