Protea (caur)

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Protea car-001.jpg
Production 1957–1958
Assembly Sooth Africae
Body and chassis
Cless Sports caur
Body style Two door, Roadster

The Protea wis a twa seater sports caur biggit in Sooth Africae bi G.R.P. Engineering atween 1957 an 1958. Aither 14 or 26 units wur completit (Sources vary).[1][2][3] The Protea wis the first Sooth African sportscaur, followed less nor 6 months later bi the Glass Sport Motors wi thair Dart an later Flamingo

Kent survivors[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • A fully restored Protea can be foond in the collection at the Franschhoek Motor Museum
  • The James Hall museum o Transport in Johannesburg haes ane example on show.

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