Princess Magdalena Sibylla o Hesse-Darmstadt

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Princess Magdalena Sibylla o Hesse-Darmstadt
Duchess o Württemberg
Born28 Apryle 1652(1652-04-28)
Dee'd11 August 1712(1712-08-11) (aged 60)
Kirchheim unter Teck
SpouseWilliam Louis, Duke o Württemberg
IssueEleonore Dorothea
Eberhardine Luise
Eberhard Louis, Duke o Württemberg
Magdalena Wilhelmine o Württemberg
FaitherLouis VI, Landgrave o Hesse-Darmstadt
MitherMaria Elisabeth o Holstein-Gottorp

Princess Magdalena Sibylla o Hesse-Darmstadt (28 Aprile 1652 – 11 August 1712) wis regent o the Duchy o Württemberg frae 1677 tae 1693, and wis a prominent German composer o baroque hymns.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On the occasion o a visit to the Hereditary Prince Württemberg Wilhelm Ludwig she became engaged tae him. Thay mairit on 6 November 1673 in Darmstadt.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Eleonore Dorothea (1674–1683)
  2. Eberhardine Luise (1675–1707)
  3. Eberhard Louis (1676–1733), the next Duke o Württemberg
  4. Magdalena Wilhelmine (November 7 1677 – October 30 1742) - mairit Charles III William