Poul Schlüter

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Poul Schlüter
Poul Schluter portrait 2005.jpg
Schlüter in 2005
Prime Meenister o Denmark
In office
10 September 1982 – 25 Januar 1993
MonarchMargrethe II
Precedit biAnker Jørgensen
Succeedit biPoul Nyrup Rasmussen
Juistice Meenister o Denmark
In office
3 October 1989 – 5 October 1989
Precedit biHans Peter Clausen
Succeedit biHans Engell
Leader o the Conservative Fowk's Pairty
In office
Precedit biErik Ninn-Hansen
Succeedit biHenning Dyremose
Personal details
Born3 Apryle 1929(1929-04-03)
Tønder, Denmark
Dee'd27 Mey 2021 (aged 92)
Frederiksberg, Denmark
Poleetical pairtyConservative Fowk's Pairty
ReligionKirk o Denmark

Poul Holmskov Schlüter (Dens pronunciation: [pʌʊ̯l hʌlmsɡʌʊ̯ slydɐ], 3 Apryle 1929 - 27 Mey 2021) wis a Dens politeecian. He servit as Prime Meenister o Denmark frae 1982 tae 1993.[1][2][3]

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