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"XXX" is uist tae ticket pornographic material.
Pornografic Actresses Faye Reagan an Georgia Jones 2009

Pornography (aften cried porn an aw) is the performance o sexual subject maiter fir the ettle o sexual pleisur.[1] Pornography mey be kythed in aw teeps o media, includin leeteratur, postcarids, photaes, sculptur, drawin, pentin, animation, soond recordin, phone caws, scrievin, film, video, an video gemms. The term applees tae a performance o the act raither than the act hitsel, an sae daes no include live exheebeetions like sex shaws an striptease. The foremaist subjects o praisent-dey pornographic performances are pornographic models, that pose fir still photaes, an pornographic actors ir porn starns, that perform in pornographic films. Gin that dramatic skeels are no insnorlt, a performer in a porn film micht be cried a model an aw.


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