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Pontiac Executive

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Pontiac Executive

The Pontiac Executive wis an automobile model produced bi the Pontiac Motor Division o General Motors frae 1967 tae 1970.

The Executive name replaced Pontiac's lang runnin mid-range Star Chief, beginnin for 1966 when aw Pontiacs in this range wur named Star Chief Executive for this ane year ae, afore the series became simply the Executive for 1967.

Executives featured mair deluxe trim, mair staundart amenities an a langer wheelbase an oweraw length than the lawer-priced Catalina models, but wur no quite as luxurious as the top-line Bonneville, whose wheelbase an ither dimensions the Executive shared.

Mechanically, the Executive wis virtually identical tae the Catalina, sharin similar staundart an optional V8 ingines startin wi the base 400 CID V8 wi twa-barrel carburetor ratit at 265 hp, an endin wi a 390 hp 428 CID HO V8 through 1969 an a lairger 455 CID V8 ratit at 370 hp in 1970. The standard transmission each year wis a three-speed manual wi column shift, wi a floor-mountit fower-speed wi Hurst shifter optional in 1967 and 1968. Housomeivver, 98 percent o Executives wur equipt wi the three-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic durin the model's fower year run.

Executives wur available as a fower-door pillared sedan, twa-door hardtop coupe, fower-door hardtop sedan, an Safari station wagons in twa an three-seat versions. The Executive Safari wagons differed frae the Catalina an Bonneville Safari wagons bi featurin simulated wood panelin. Nae Executive convertibles wur affered.

Total ootput o the Executive wis:

  • 1967: 35,491 units
  • 1968: 32,597 units
  • 1969: 25,845 units
  • 1970: 21,936 units

Through its fower years, the Executive wis the lowest-volume full-size Pontiac. Efter 1970, baith the Executive an the Ventura trim option on the Catalina wur dropped, replaced for 1971 bi the new Catalina Brougham an the Bonneville, which wis moved doun a notch in the model hierarchy wi the introduction o the new Grand Ville.