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Plymouth Plaza

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The Plymouth Plaza wis an automobile produced bi the Plymouth division o the Chrysler Corporation frae 1954 throu the 1958 model year. The Plymouth Plaza haed Plymouth's popular stylin o the late 1950's, which is maist recognised on the Plymouth Fury (o 1958).

The Plaza wis Plymouth's entry-level caur durin those years an wis priced unner the Plymouth Savoy. The Plaza wis sauld anerlie in twa an fower-door sedan variants. Thare ar three body styles that the '58 Plaza wis offered in. Kent as Plymouth's "Price Leader", in 1958 the Plaza offered buyers the widest choice o options tae date. Options formerly reserved ae for hichter priced lines wur available on the Plaza for the first time in heestory. The Business Coupe, which wis the least produced model o Plymouth in 1958 (1,472 units), differed frae the regular 2dr Club Sedan in that the rear seat wis an optional accessory. Plymouth an aa addit a special edition tae the Plaza fleet in '58. Based on a Plaza Club Sedan, the "Silver Special" haed a custom paint job wi siller paint on the ruif an in the Sportone inserts plus a short stainless steel spear that accentit the front fenders an extendit partially intae the front doors. The final custom touch wis on the rear fins whaur the Siller Special bore "Forward Look" emblems instead o the traditional "Plaza" scripts. It is isna kent hou mony o the 94,728 Plazas produced in 1958 wur fittit wi the Siller Special trim package, but thay ar believed tae be vera rare caurs.

In 1959, Plymouth discontinued the Plaza, replacin it wi the Savoy.