Pittsburgh synagogue shuitin

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Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
Tree of Life – Or L'Simcha synagogue facade.jpg
People veesit the memorials tae veectims o the mass shuitin ootside the Tree of Life synagogue on November 4, 2018
LocationTree of Life – Or L'Simcha Congregation,
5898 Wilkins Avenue,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Coordinates40°26′37″N 79°55′17″W / 40.44361°N 79.92139°W / 40.44361; -79.92139Coordinates: 40°26′37″N 79°55′17″W / 40.44361°N 79.92139°W / 40.44361; -79.92139
Date27 October 2018 (2018-10-27)
9:54–11:08 a.m. (EDT)
TargetTree of Life – Or L'Simcha Congregation
Attack teep
Mass shuitin
Non-fatal injures
7 (including suspected perpetrator)
Suspectit perpetrator
Robert Gregory Bowers
MotiveAntisemitism, belief in the white genocide conspiracy theory
  • 29 federal criminal counts
  • 36 state criminal counts

The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting wis a mass shuitin that occurred at Tree of Life – Or L'Simcha Congregation[lower-alpha 1] in the Squirrel Hill neeborhuid o Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 2018, while Shabbat morning services war being hauld. Eleeven people war killed an seiven war injured. It wis the deedliest attack on the Jewis community in the Unitit States.[4][5]

The sole suspect, 46-year-auld Robert Gregory Bowers,[6][7] wis arrested an chairged wi 29 federal crimes an 36 state crimes.[6][8] Uisin the online social netwark Gab,[9] Bowers haed earlier posted anti-Semitic comments again the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)[10][11] in whit Dor Hadash[12] an Tree of Life[13] wis a supporting pairticipant. Referring tae Central American migrant caravans an immigrants, he posted on Gab shortly afore the attack that "HIAS likes tae bring invaders in that kill our people. A cannae sit bi an watch my people get slaughtered. Screw yer optics, A'm gaen in."[14]

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