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Pinamar is locatit in Argentinae
Location in Argentinae
Coordinates: 37°06′S 56°51′W / 37.100°S 56.850°W / -37.100; -56.850
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceBandera Buenos Aires.svg Buenos Aires
Foondit14 Februar 1943
17 m (56 ft)
 • Tot39,371
CPA Base
B 7167
Aurie code(s)+54 2254
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid

Pinamar is an Argentine coastal resort toun locatit on the coast o the Atlantic Ocean in Buenos Aires Province. It haes aboot 20,000 indwallers as per the 2001 census [INDEC].

Locatit less nor 400 km (249 mi) sooth o Buenos Aires, it is ane o several smaw seaside commonties that line the coast. Syne Pinamar's main attraction is the ocean, it is a fairly quiet toun durin the winter months. Tourism is wha fuels the economy durin the simmer.

Twa facts set Pinamar apairt frae maist o the ither Atlantic Ocean beach ceeties: it is a planned ceety wi a vera strict biggin code, an it haes been airtificially turned frae wild saund dunes intae a forest (maistly o pine trees, which explains the "pina" in the name).

Ceety plannin, as defined bi foondin airchitect Jorge Bunge an maintained bi electit authorities iver syne, translates intae a ceety maistly made up o residential hooses wi open gardens; that, thegither wi the pine forest, combine tae mak the ceety a vera nice settin. That explains why it haes been chosen as the simmer resort for mony well-tae-dae Argentinians, in pairticular those livin in Buenos Aires.

Pine plantin wis oreeginally stairtit in Cariló—a toun nearbi Villa Gesell an copied in Pinamar, awtho the ceety plan for Villa Gesell wis no as carefully laid oot or kept throu the years.

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Nautilus Street
Bunge Boulevard
View o the beach frae the pier

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