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Creautive team
Creautit biFrancesco Tullio Altan

Pimpa or La Pimpa is an Italian comic strip, creautit by Francesco Tullio Altan, whase main chairacter is a reid-spattit female dug.

The comic strip wis publisht by the comics magazine Corriere dei Piccoli fae 1975 till 1995; fae 1987 hit becam the leadin chairacter o an eponymous monthly bairn’s magazine. Pimpa wis the subject o three animatit series, directit by Osvaldo Cavandoli an Enzo D'Alò, producit an braidcast by Rai TV an later released on DVD forby. In 1998 Pimpa ws the main chairacter in twa stage plays, Pimpa Cappuccetto Rosso and Pimpa, Kamillo e il libro magico.

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