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Pilar, Goa

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Campus view o Pilar Seminar
Campus view o Pilar Seminar
Pilar is located in Goa
Location in Goa, Indie
Coordinates: 15°26′27.42″N 73°53′37.90″E / 15.4409500°N 73.8938611°E / 15.4409500; 73.8938611
Kintra Indie
DestrictNorth Goa
 • OfficialKonkani
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

Pilar is a veelage in Goa, Indie, some 10 km frae the state caipital Panaji. It is on a hill top an haes a panoramic view o the Arabie Sea an the muntains aw aroond.

Pilar Society

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The heidquairter o the Missionar Society o St. Francis Xavier is locatit at Pilar, hence the common name o Pilar Society gien tae the missionars o Saunt Francis Xavier. [SFX].[1]

Thare are pilgrims who visit Pilar every Thursday tae venerate the mortal remains o venerable Father Agnelo, a priest o the abuin-said Society who haed livit a virtuous life.

The Pre-Novitiate hoose is doin well in Pilar. They organisit a airt exhibition thare entitled Waves Of Destruction... Waves of Compassion...

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