Philip IV o Fraunce

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Philip the Fair
Philip IV o Fraunce
Keeng o Fraunce
Ring 5 October 1285 – 29 November 1314
Coronation 6 January 1286, Reims
Predecessor Philip III
Successor Louis X
Keeng o Navarre; Coont o Champagne
wi Joan I
Ring 16 August 1284–4 Aprile 1305
Predecessor Joan I
Successor Louis X
Born Aprile–Juin 1268
Fontainebleau, Fraunce
Dee'd 29 November 1314(1314-11-29) (aged 46)
Fontainebleau, Fraunce
Buirial Saunt Denis Basilica
Spouse Joan I o Navarre
Issue Louis X, Keeng o Fraunce
Philip V, Keeng o Fraunce
Charles IV, Keeng o Fraunce
Isabella, Queen o Ingland
Hoose Hoose o Capet
Faither Philip III, Keeng o Fraunce
Mither Isabella o Aragon
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Philip IV (Aprile–Juin 1268 – 29 November 1314), cried the Fair (French: Philippe le Bel) or the Airn Keeng (French: le Roi de fer), wis Keeng o Fraunce frae 1285 till his daith.