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Period drama

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A historical drama (also period drama, period piece or juist period) is a dramatic wirk set in a bygane time period, forordinar used in th' context o' picture 'n' tellybox, whilk shows historical events 'n' characters wi' varying amounts o' fictional parts sic as fancy words or madeup showparts whilk aim tae compress separat events or pictchamake a broader factual narrative. Th' biographical fillom is a type o' historical drama whilk generally focuses oan a single individual or well-defined peoples. Historical dramas kin include romances, funtime filloms, 'n' swashbucklers.

Historical drama kin be tellt apart from historical madeup fillom, wit likely shows a madeup peeples and happnens in a mixup o actual happnens in historiy. A period piece kin be set in a hazy or general auld days sic as th' middle ages, or a specific period sic as th' roaring twenties, or th' recent bygane.

Scholarship[eedit | eedit soorce]

In other times other story types hae gotten mair weel-kent, like the westerns and sword an sandal filloms that Americans much liked in the 1950s. The costume drama is seen as different tae historical dramas. First off peoples said they was all aboot whinchin an shaggin in fancy hooses an' nae sae serious as ither filloms that look taewards darker themes. Ither critics have stood up fur costume dramas, and argued tha' they are badmouthed cause they are a fillom type made fur the lassies.[1] Historical dramas hae also been described as a conservative genre, lookin' twards a bygane wae rose-tinted glasses.[2]

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