Penda o Mercia

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Penda of Mercia.jpg
Stained glass window, depictin Penda's daith at the Battle o the Winwaed, Worcester Cathedral.
Keeng o Mercia
Ring c.626 – 655 AD
Predecessor Cearl
Successor Peada
Dee'd 15 November 655 AD
Issue Peada
Hoose Hoose o Mercia
Faither Pybba

Penda (dee'd November 15, 6551) wis a 7t-century Keeng o Mercia, a kinrick in whit is the day the Inglis Midlands. A pagan at a tyme whan Christianity wis takkin haud in mony o the Anglo-Saxon kinrick, Penda participated in the defait o the pouerfu Northumbrian keeng Edwin at the Battle of Hatfield Chase in 633.2 Nine years later, he defaited an felled Edwin's eventual successor, Oswald, at the Battle of Maserfield; frae this pynt he wis liklin the maist pouerfu o the Anglo-Saxon rulers o the tyme. He defaited the Aest Angles, cawed the keeng o Wessex intil "fleme" for three years, an continued tae wauge weir agin the Bernicians o Northumbria. Thirteen years aifter Maserfield, he tholed a grushin defait an wis felled at the Battle of the Winwaed in the coorse o a hinmaist campaign agin the Bernicians.