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Peace Funtain

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The Peace Funtain is a bronze sculptur 40 fit (12.3 m) heich on the groonds o the Episcopal cathedral in New York Ceety, the Cathedral o St. John the Divine in Manhattan. It wis designed bi Greg Wyatt, the cathedral's Sculptor in Residence, an shows the Airchangel Michael wha haes juist killt Lucifer. Awtho cried a funtain it disna hae watter. In a raing aroond the Peace Funtain are mony smaw bronze sculpturs o ainimals atween aboot five an twal inches in heicht designed bi bairns o various ages.

A 6 inch heich chimp is ane o the smaw bronzes aroond the 40 fit heich Peace Funtain
A 6 inch penguin faimily, ane o the smaw bronze ainimals aroond the Peace Funtain