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Paul Morphy

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Paul Morphy
Full namePaul Charles Morphy
KintraUnitit States
Born22 Juin 1837(1837-06-22)
New Orleans, Louisiana, Unitit States
Died10 Julie 1884(1884-07-10) (aged 47)
New Orleans, Louisiana, Unitit States
Warld Champion1858–62 (unoffeecial)

Paul Charles Morphy (Juin 22, 1837 – Julie 10, 1884) wis an American chess player. He is considered tae hae been the greatest chess master o his era an an unoffeecial Warld Chess Champion.[1]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Accordin tae David Lawson, in Paul Morphy, The Pride and Sorrow of Chess, Mckay, 1976. Lawson says that Morphy wis the first warld champion tae be so acclaimed at the time he wis playin. Maist chess historians, houever, place the first offeecial warld chess championship in 1886, an so regaird Morphy as havin been the unoffeecial warld champion when he soondly defeatit Adolf Anderssen bi 8 tae 3 score wi 2 draws. Morphy is considered warld's leadin player atween 1858 an 1860.