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View o the San Nicolás de Bari kirk in the centre o toun
View o the San Nicolás de Bari kirk in the centre o toun
Kintra Mexico
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)

Panotla is a toun an municipality in Tlaxcala in sooth-eastren Mexico.[1] It is locatit aboot fower km tae the wast o the ceety o Tlaxcala. Panotla conteens a nummer o notable kirks frae different eras o its history. The San Nicolás de Bari kirk wis dedicatit in 1796. It haes a ornate baroque facade framit bi a airch an a twa level bell touer. The baroque elements o baith are made wi mortar an include estipite columns as well as floral, ainimal an human motifs. These face ontae a liarge atrium which is bordered bi a waw. The interior o the kirk consists o a single nave wi Neoclessical altarpieces an a organ frae the 17t hunderyear. The Nuestra Señora de la Defensa Sanctuar is locatit in the commonty o San Ambrosio Texantla was constructit atween the 17t an 18t hunderyears. The exterior haes a octagon dome an a touer wi merlons on its corners. The facade is tiled. The interior conteens a image o the Virgin Mary cried Oor Lady o the Defense brocht bi Juan Bautista de Jesús which can be seen on the main altar. The San Ambrosio Texantla Kirk wis built atween the 19t an 20t hunderyears, whose atrium conteens a nummer o graves. The San Francisco de Asis Kirk locatit in the commonty of San Francisco Temetzontla is in the north o the municipality an built in the 18t hunderyear. The facades haes twa levels the tap o the portal is framit bi a shell shape. The bell touer haes three levels an conteens a clock.[2]

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Coordinates: 19°19′N 98°16′W / 19.317°N 98.267°W / 19.317; -98.267