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Packard Station Sedan

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1949 Packard Station Sedan

The Packard Station Sedan wis a pseudo station wagon model produced bi the Packard Motor Car Company o Detroit, Michigan atween 1948 an 1950. Bi offerin the Station Sedan, Packard coud market a vehicle wi station wagon attributes, but athoot the full investment costs associatit wi a full-blown station wagon program development.

The Station Sedan uised a combination o steel framin an body pairts alang wi structural wood panels tae create a "woody" station wagon-like caur. Unlike ither woody wagons o the day, which uised widden passenger compairtments mountit tae chassis o a particular caur, the Station Sedan uised a steel subframe an steel passenger doors ontae which hard wood panels wur mountit. The ae widden door on the vehicle wis the rear gate assembly.

Neither a sedan, nor true station wagon, the Station Sedan enjoyed limited success an wis discontinued when the 1951 Packard models wur introduced.

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