Oh Boy (2012 film)

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Oh Boy
Directit biJan-Ole Gerster
StarninTom Schilling
Marc Hosemann
Friederike Kempter
Release date
  • 1 November 2012 (2012-11-01)
Rinnin time
83 min

Oh Boy is a 2012 German tragicomedy film directit bi Jan-Ole Gerster. It is in black-an-white. It is the director's debut film, an thesis project for the German Film an Televeesion Academy in Berlin. In 2014, the film wis released in the US unner the title A Coffee in Berlin.

Cast[eedit | eedit soorce]

Plot[eedit | eedit soorce]

The film chronicles ane day an ane nicht in the life o Niko, a young man who haes droppit oot o varsity an doesna hae a job. He drifts aimlessly throu contemporar Berlin while encounterin a range o characters alang the wey.

The movie begins wi Niko an his girlfriend breakin up. He is muivin boxes intae a new apairtment, reminiscin bi leukin throu auld photos, an then checks his mail. He opens a offeecial letter an realizes that he is late for a appointment. The appointment is wi a psychologist, as Niko wis caucht drivin unner the influence. It's in this interview that we learn that the protagonist haes droppit oot o law schuil. The psychologist messes aroond wi Niko bi askin him misleadin questions an ultimately decides tae no gie him back his license, as he deems thare is too great o chance o relapse.

Iverything seems tae be goin wrong for Niko: when he goes tae buy a coffee, he doesna hae enough chynge tae pay for it. Efter giein wha little money he haes tae a sleepin beggar, the ATM eats his card so he trees tae take the money back but a passerbi spots him appearin tae steal frae the hameless. Efter heidin back hame, Niko trees tae caw his faither tae help him wi his bank card situation. Then Niko's lanely neebour brings him a hoose wairmin gift an invites hissel intae the apairtment. The man stairts talkin aboot his personal problems an begins cryin, while Niko awkwardly trees tae console this stranger.

Niko an his friend Matze heid tae a pub for lunch. Here Niko reconnects wi his umwhile classmate namit Julika, who haes become a avant-garde actress (efter bein ower-wicht an ridiculed in grade schuil). She invites baith Niko an Matze tae a play that she is performin in later that nicht. The boys go tae a movie set, whaur Matze's friend is the main actor. They hang oot in his trailer, an Matze asks whether he micht be able tae play a smaw role in the film. While on the set, Niko's faither caws; Niko lees an says that he's in the librar - we can gather that Niko hasna tauld his faither that he's droppit oot o varsity an invites him tae play gowf later that day.

Efterwairds, Niko goes tae a bar, in a bar he meets a mysterious man, who tells him that he haes been awa for 60 years an how as a smaw bairn he haed witnessed the smashin o the windaes o the shop that is nou a bar. Efter leavin the bar he collapses on the sidewalk. Niko accompanies him tae the hospital, whaur the man dees.

A runnin gag is that Niko trees tae buy coffee, but each time it is no available because it costs mair nor he haes wi him, acause o a breuken machine, the wrong time o the day, etc. Feenally the next fore-nuin he haes a coffee.

Awairds[eedit | eedit soorce]

List of awards and nominations
Award Category Recipients an nominees Result
2013 Belgian Film Critics Association[1] Grand Prix Nominatit
2013 European Film Awards[2][3][4] Best Film Nominatit
People's Choice Award Nominatit
European Discovery Wan
Best Actor Tom Schilling Nominatit
2013 German Film Awards (Lola)[5] Best Featur Film Wan
Best Screenplay Jan Ole Gerster Wan
Best Director Wan
Best Actor Tom Schilling Wan
Best Supportin Actor Michael Gwisdek Wan
Best Score The Major Minors, Cherilyn MacNeil Wan

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