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Octavia Sperati

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Octavia Sperati, umwhilie kent as Octavia, is a gothic metal/doom metal baund frae Bergen, Norawa.

The group released their debut album Winter Enclosure in 2005. Their seicont album, Grace Submerged, wis released in May 2007. Baith albums wur released bi Candlelight Records,[1] and both releases were followed by a tour in the United Kingdom.[2] The baund is currently aw female except for the drummer, Ivar Alver.

On 20 Julie 2008, Octavia Sperati annoonced that they woud be "takin a break".

On 10 Mairch 2009 it wis annoonced that sangster Silje Wergeland haes joined Dutch rock baund The Gathering, replacin sangster Anneke van Giersbergen.

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