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Lipari-Obsidienne (5).jpg
Category Volcanic glass
(repeating unit)
70–75% SiO2,
plus MgO, Fe3O4
Color Deep black
Fractur Conchoidal
Mohs scale hairdness 5–6[1]
Luster Vitreous
Specific gravity ~2.4[2]
Optical properties Translucent
References [3]

Obsidian is a naiturally occurrin volcanic glass furmed as an extrusive igneous rock.

It is produced when felsic lava extrudit frae a volcano cuils rapidly wi minimum crystal growth. Obsidian is commonly foond within the margins o rhyolitic lava flows kent as obsidian flows, whaur the chemical composeetion (heich silica content) induces a heich viscosity an polymerization degree o the lava. The inhibition o atomic diffusion through this heichly viscous an polymerized lava explains the lack o crystal growth. Obsidian is haird an brittle; it tharefore fracturs wi very sharp edges, which haed been uised in the past in cuttin an piercin tuils, an haes been uised experimentally as surgical scalpel blades.[4]

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