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Nymphalidae is the lairgest faimily o butterflees wi aboot 6,000 species distribute atouer maist o the warld. Thae are uisually medium sized tae lairge butterflies. Maist species hae a reduced pair o forelegs an mony hauld thair colourfu wings flat whan restin. Thay are forby cried brush-fitit butterflees or fower-fitit butterflees. Mony species is bricht coloured an include popular species like the emperors, admirals, tortoiseshells, an fritillaries. Housomever, the unnerwings is in contrast aften dull an in some species leuk remerkable like deid leafs, or is a fair feckfaucher, producin a cryptic effect that helps the butterflee disappear intae its surroondins.

Example species frae this faimily

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Further Readin

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