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North Sea Empire

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NOTE: The North Sea Empire refers to an empire from 1016-1035.

Cairt o thi' North Sea Empire at it's height fi 1028-1035.
Keeng Cnut "Kanute thi' great" wis thi' ane und aenly keeng o the empire fi 1016-1035.

Thi' North Sea Empire is a nime' thit' refers tae thi' dominions o Cnut I "Kanute thi Great", king o Ingland, Norawa und Denmark. He an aa ruled some o Swaden und thi' Holy Roman Empire. It' thi' time thi' empire wis' maist likely referred tae as Cnutland or Kanutelind.

Thi' Founding[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thi' empire began whaen' Cnut the Great, son o Sweyn Forkbeard became king o Ingland an pairts o Alba on November 30t 1016 aefter the daith o Edmund Ironside, son o Aethelred II thi' Unready. On Januar 6t 1017 he wis' croowned een' Old St. Pauls Cathedral, Lunnon, Inglish Kingdom which made his reign aloat' maire legitimate.

In 1018 whaen' Harald II o Denmark dee'd his brae'ther Cnut got thi' thrane makin him king o twa countries. Somewhere aroon'd 1018-1028 he teuk some land o' Swaden an bi 1028 became king o Norawa merkin the heicht o the empire. He an aa gained land een thi' Holy Roman Empire. Aroond 1020 he stated "I am Cnut thi' Great, keeng o Danes, Norawas, Anglo's and some o the Swedes and Franks".

Claims[eedit | eedit soorce]

Een 1022 he stated tae be king o Alba, Ireland, Normandy, Ingland, Scania, Norawa, Denmark an modren-day Poland an Wales. His Scania claims o Swaden war somewhat legitimized wi' thi' fact that mony Scanian coins hid' Cnut on them statin "Cnut, keeng o the Swedes".

End o thi' Empire[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bi winter o 1033 thi' empire stairtit tae lose land an bi 1035 Cnut the Great dee'd. His son Harthacnut tried tae control thi' empire but een practice thi' empire fell the day o his daith.