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Nicolás Suárez Callaú

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Statue o Nicolás Suárez Callaú in Guayaramerín, Bolivie

Nicolás Suárez Callaú (*1851 Portachuelo, †1940 Cachuela Esperanza) set up a multinaitional rubber empire in Sooth Americae at the beginnin o the 20t century.

Attractit bi the rubber boom, Nicolas Suárez wi has sax brithers crossed the Andes at the end o the 19t century an foondit Cachuela Esperanza at the rapids o Río Beni as a heidquairter for the rubber export.

Durin the heyday o the rubber buim, his empire haed branches at Acre, Manaus, Belém, an Lunnon, an Suárez awned 80,000 square kilometres o land in the Bolivie Beni an Pando depairtments, 50,000 heids o cattle an 6 steamboats.

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