Naitional emblem

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(Reguidit frae Naitional flouer)

A naitional emblem seembolically represents a kintra. Maist naitional emblems come frae the naitral warld, (as ainimals or flouers), but it micht can be onything.

Naitional emblems can kythe on mony things siclike the naitional banner, coat o airms, or ither patriotic stuffs. Ye shoudna confuise a formal naitional emblem wi less formal seembols potentially tae dae wi tourism or clichés, for ensaumple windmills in the Netherlands. E'en tho, mony unoffeecial seembols is as important as the offeecial anes - or e'en mair, sin some o thaim are recognised as "seembols" bi fowk that micht no ken the offeecial seembols.