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The Naitional Alliance Party is a poleetical party in Papua New Guinea. It wis foondit in 1995 bi Bernard Narokobi, Moi Avei, Bart Philemon an Masket Iangalio, who invitit Sir Michael Somare tae lead them tae the 1997 elections efter he haed been sacked as leader o the Pangu Party.

Naitional Alliance took 19 o 109 seats in parliament at the 2002 election, makin it the lairgest single pairty, an as such the party wis invitit tae form the government. The Naitional Alliance-led government o 2002-2007 wus the first government since independence in 1975 to survive a full five year term - aw previous governments haed fallen tae votes o nae confidence. In 2006, pairty co-foonder Bart Philemon attemptit tae depose Somare as pairty leader, but this challenge wis unsuccessful an Philemon went tae the opposition benches, remainin there as leader o the New Generation Pairty even efter Somare’s victory in the elections. At the 2007 general election, the pairty increased its representation, gainin 27 seats an remaining bi far the lairgest pairty. Michael Somare wis easily confirmed bi Parliament for anither term as prime meenister, as several pairties joined a coalition wi the Naitional Alliance, an 13 independents announced their decision tae join the Naitional Alliance pairty, bringin its representation tae 40 members.[1]

Pairty leaders an members include:

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