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The Moreland Motor Truck Company o Burbank, Californie wis oreeginally locatit in Los Angeles. The Moreland trucks were sauld warldwide.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Moreland Motor Truck Company o California wis originally locatit in Los Angeles.

In 1917 Watt L. Moreland wis plannin tae move his business tae Alhambra, California. When Burbank ceety officials heard aboot this news they offered Moreland 25 acres o land free o cost, located on the corner o San Fernando Blvd. an Alameda Ave. The ceety o Burbank raised $25,000 tae pay for the land, buildings wur constructit an the truck company moved in. The factory wis still surroondit bi acres o farms.

At the openin o the new factory in 1920 Watt Moreland wrote: "As ay look back tae the little auld shack where the first Morelands wur built, aw the way it haes been a story o co-operation an I want wi all the strength an emphasis possible express my appreciation an thanks tae all those who, bi their encouragement, their faithful work an interest, hae helped tae put this organisation where it now stands."

Moreland haed branches in Los Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield, Stockland, Oakland, Portland, Santa Ana, Fresno, El Centro, Sacramento, San Francisco, Spokane an Salt Lake Ceety.

The company slogan wis "Built in the Wast -- for Wastren Work".

Due tae wartime shortages the plant haed tae close in 1940. The Moreland buildings wur later uised bi the Vega Aircraft Corporation.[1]

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