Moont Lamlam

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Moont Lamlam
Moont Lamlam is locatit in Guam
Moont Lamlam
Moont Lamlam
Heichest pynt
Elevation1,332 ft (406 m) [1]
Prominence1,332 ft (406 m)
Coordinates13°20′19″N 144°39′46″E / 13.33861°N 144.66278°E / 13.33861; 144.66278Coordinates: 13°20′19″N 144°39′46″E / 13.33861°N 144.66278°E / 13.33861; 144.66278[2]
LocationNear Agat, Guam, Micronesie, U.S. territory
Topo mapUSGS Agat
Easiest route

Moont Lamlam (meanin fire-flaucht in Chamoru) is a peak on the Unitit States island o Guam. It is locatit near the village o Agat (5 kilometre (3 mi)[3] north), in the sooth-wast o the island.

Risin tae 406 metre (1,332 ft) abuin sea level, the distance frae the peak tae the bottom o the nearby Mariana Trench is said tae be the greatest chynge in elevation on Earth ower sic a short distance. Houaniver, acause said distance is arbitrar an acause different geological processes contributit tae baith the formation o the Marianas Trench as weel as Moont Lamlam, this claim is contestit.[citation needit]

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