Moont Elbrus

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Moont Elbrus
Moont Elbrus
Heichest pynt
Elevation5,642 m (18,510 ft) [1][2]
Prominence4,741 m (15,554 ft) 
Ranked 10t
Isolation2,473 kilometre (1,537 mi)
LeetinSeven Summits
Volcanic Seven Summits
Kintra heich pynt
Coordinates43°21′18″N 42°26′21″E / 43.35500°N 42.43917°E / 43.35500; 42.43917Coordinates: 43°21′18″N 42°26′21″E / 43.35500°N 42.43917°E / 43.35500; 42.43917
Moont Elbrus is located in Caucasus moontains
Moont Elbrus
Moont Elbrus
Location o Moont Elbrus within the Caucasus Moontains
Parent rangeCaucasus Moontains
Topo mapElbrus an Upper Baksan Valley bi EWP[3][4]
Age o rockUnknown
Muntain teepStratovolcano (dormant)
Last eruption50 CE ± 50 years[5]
First ascent(West summit) 1874, by Florence Crauford Grove, Frederick Gardner, Horace Walker and the guides Peter Knubel of St. Niklaus in the canton Valais and Ahiya Sottaiev
(Lower summit) 22 July 1829 by karachay guide Khillar Khachirov
Easiest routeBasic snow/ice climb

Moont Elbrus (Roushie: Эльбру́с, romanised: El'brus, lit. 'ɪlʲˈbrus'; [Минги тау, Min̡i taw] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help), IPA: [miŋŋi taw] ( listen)) is a dormant volcano locatit in the wastren Caucasus moontains, in Kabardino-Balkarie an Karachay–Cherkessia o Roushie, near the border wi Georgie.

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