Monopoly (gemme)

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Monopoly is a buird gemme, maid by Hasbro.

Hou tae win veectory[eedit | eedit soorce]

Far tae win the gemme, ye maun vaige aboot the buird (usisin dice tae decide hou far ye gang), buyin an sellin properties. Gin a player launds on ony property belangin til anither player, they maun pey thaim rent; the amount lippens on hou mony houses or inns they hae on it.

The twalve pieces o Monopoly.

Mair oot ower, there is mony ither weys tae win an loss yer siller, sic as Chance an Community Chest (Kist) cairds that micht help or deprive ye (far example: the "Out of prison" caird, which laid the player wha haes this caird oot o prison).

Players can buy or sell chance cairds bat it is said tae construct solidarity links atween players, which is agains the capitalist principle o this gemme. The last man staundin is the winner.