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Molly of Denali

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Molly of Denali
Creautit biDorothea Gillim
Kathy Waugh
StarninSovereign Bill
Appenin theme"Molly of Denali" sung by Phillip Blanchett and Karina Moeller
Endin theme"Molly of Denali" (instrumental)
Kintra o oreeginCanada
United States
Oreeginal leid(s)English
No. o series1
No. o episodes18 (leet o episodes)
Executive producer(s)Dorothea Gillim
Lenth23-25 minutes
Production company(s)Atomic Cartoons
Oreeginal networkPBS Kids
CBC Television
Pictur formatHDTV 1080i
Oreeginal release15 Julie 2019 (2019-07-15) – present
Freemit airtins

Molly of Denali is an American-Canadian animatit televeesion series[1] creatit bi Dorothea Gillim and Kathy Waugh and produced bi Atomic Cartoons and WGBH Kids for PBS Kids and CBC Television.[2] The shaw premiered on Julie 15, 2019.

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