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-- This module contains a list of portal images and a list of portal aliases for use with [[Module:Portal]].
-- When adding entries, please keep the entries in alphabetical order. If you want to add an alias for an
-- existing name, please use the aliases table rather than adding a new entry in the images table. You can
-- find the aliases table near the bottom of the page.

--                                                IMAGES                                                --

-- The format of the images table entries is as follows:
--          ["portal name"] = "image.svg",
-- The portal name should be the name of your portal, in lower case. For example, the portal name for 
-- "Portal:United Kingdom" would be "united kingdom".If you don't want to use the actual name of your
-- portal here, you must supply an alias with the actual name in the aliases table at the bottom of the
-- page. The image name should be capitalised normally, and the "File:" namespace prefix should be
-- omitted.

local images = {
    ["3:2 aspect image"] = "Flag of Europe.svg",
    ["24"] = "24DNTV.svg",
    ["1960s"] = "Flowerpowerportfolio.jpg",
    ["1970s"] = "Mistersmileyface.png",
    ["1980s"] = "Rubik's cube v3.svg",
    ["1990s"] = "Alcatel 9109HA.png",
    ["2000s"] = "Blue iPod Nano.jpg",
    ["2010s"] = "Iphone4sblacksideview1.png",
    ["a-league"] = "Soccer ball.svg",
    ["abkhazie"] = "Flag of Abkhazia.svg",
    ["aboriginal fowks in canadae"] = "Aboriginal War Veterans monument (close).JPG",
    ["abu dhabi"] = "Flag of Abu Dhabi.svg|border",
    ["academy awaird"] = "Video-x-generic.svg",
    ["acadie"] = "Flag of Acadia.svg",
    ["acc"] = "ACC states crop.png",
    ["ac/dc"] = "Acdc logo band.svg",
    ["aerosmith"] = "Joe Perry 1.jpg",
    ["aesthetics"] = "Morning Glory Flower square.jpg",
    ["afghanistan"] = "Flag of Afghanistan.svg|border",
    ["africae"] = "Africa satellite orthographic.jpg",
    ["african american"] = "AmericaAfrica.png",
    ["agricultur an agronomy"] = "Veranotrigo.jpg",
    ["agropedie"] = "Farmer plowing.jpg",
    ["ahmadiyya"] = "Minarat-ul masih.gif|height=1",
    ["ahmedabad"] = "Mosque of Sidi Sayed Jaali.JPG",
    ["ai"] = "ArtificialFictionBrain.png",
    ["ajman"] = "Flag of Ajman.svg|border",
    ["akb48"] = "AKB48 logo2.svg",
    ["alabama"] = "Flag of Alabama.svg|border",
    ["alaska"] = "Flag of Alaska.svg",
    ["albanie"] = "Flag of Albania.svg",
    ["albanie"] = "Flag of Albania.svg",
    ["alberta"] = "Flag of Alberta.svg",
    ["algebra"] = "Arithmetic symbols.svg",
    ["algerie"] = "Flag of Algeria.svg|border",
    ["alien"] = "Alien logo.svg",
    ["alternative music"] = "Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg",
    ["american ceevil war"] = "ACW Barnstar.png",
    ["american fitbaa"] = "Wilsonnflfootball.png",
    ["american revolutionary war"] = "Washington Crossing the Delaware.png",
    ["american samoa"] = "Flag of American Samoa.svg",
    ["amphibians an reptiles"] = "Lizardicon.svg",
    ["amsterdam"] = "Flag_of_Amsterdam.svg",
    ["amusement pairks"] = "Roller Coaster Icon.svg",
    ["anabaptism"] = "Dirk.willems.rescue.ncs.jpg",
    ["analysis"] = "Nuvola apps kmplot.svg",
    ["anarchism"] = "BlackFlagSymbol.svg",
    ["auncient egyp"] = "Pyramide Kheops.JPG",
    ["auncient germanic culture"] = "Mjollnir icon.png",
    ["auncient greece"] = "Parthenon from west.jpg",
    ["auncient japan"] = "Mountfujijapan.jpg",
    ["auncient near east"] = "Babylonlion.JPG",
    ["auncient roum"] = "SPQRomani.svg",
    ["andaman an nicobar islands"] = "Flag of India.svg",
    ["andhra pradesh"] = "Seal of Andhra Pradesh.svg",
    ["andorrae"] = "Flag of Andorra.svg",
    ["anglicanism"] = "Canterbury cathedral.jpg",
    ["anglo-saxon ingland"] = "Peterborough Chronicle cropped.jpg",
    ["angolae"] = "Flag of Angola.svg|border",
    ["anguilla"] = "Flag of Anguilla.svg",
    ["a nichtmare on elm street"] = "Nightmare Portal.gif",
    ["ainimal richts"] = "Paw (Animal Rights symbol).png",
    ["ainimals"] = "Sow with piglet.jpg",
    ["animation"] = "Animation disc.svg",
    ["animation/canadian animation wirk group"] = "Animation disc Maple Leaf.svg",
    ["anime an manga"] = "Wikipe-tan face.svg",
    ["antarctica"] = "ContinentAntarctica.svg",
    ["anthropology"] = "Moai Easter Island InvMH-35-61-1.jpg",
    ["antigua an barbuda"] = "Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg",
    ["apple inc."] = "Apple logo black.svg",
    ["aquarium fish"] = "Pterois antennata-3.jpg",
    ["arabic"] = "Ameen.gif",
    ["arabic-speakin"] = "Ameen.gif",
    ["arab warld"] = "Flag of the Arab League.svg",
    ["arab–israeli conflict"] = "Israel and arab states map.png",
    ["archaeology"] = "Stonehenge Closeup.jpg",
    ["airchitectur"] = "P parthenon.svg",
    ["arctic"] = "Ibca gebco comp cover.jpg",
    ["argentinae"] = "Flag of Argentina.svg",
    ["arizona"] = "Flag of Arizona.svg",
    ["arkansas"] = "Flag of Arkansas.svg",
    ["armenie"] = "Flag of Armenia.svg",
    ["arminianism"] = "Arminius 5 flopped and cropped.png",
    ["airt"] = "Ballerina-icon.jpg",
    ["arthropods"] = "Cercophonius squama.jpg",
    ["airtifeecial intelligence"] = "Animation2.gif",
    ["airts"] = "Nuvola apps package graphics.png",
    ["aruba"] = "Flag of Aruba.svg",
    ["arunachal pradesh"] = "Seal of Arunachal Pradesh.jpg",
    ["asie"] = "Asia (orthographic projection).svg",
    ["asie americans"] = "1 chinatown san francisco arch gateway.JPG",
    ["asie gemmes"] = "Asian Games logo01.png",
    ["assam"] = "Seal of Assam.png",
    ["association fitbaa"] = "Soccer ball.svg",
    ["assyrians"] = "FlagofAssyria.svg",
    ["astrobiology"] = "PIA01130 Interior of Europa.jpg",
    ["astrology"] = "Astrologia-tynkä.jpg",
    ["astronomy"] = "Crab Nebula.jpg",
    ["atheism"] = "Atheism template.svg",
    ["athletics"] = "Athletics pictogram.svg",
    ["atlanta"] = "AtlantaPhoenix.jpg",
    ["atlas"] = "BlankMap-World6.svg",
    ["atmosphere"] = "Jupiter 3rd spot.jpg",
    ["atmospheric sciences"] = "Double-alaskan-rainbow.jpg",
    ["austin"] = "Sixth Street Austin.jpg",
    ["australie"] = "Flag of Australia.svg",
    ["australie caipital territory"] = "Flag of the Australian Capital Territory.svg",
    ["australie rules fitbaa"] = "Sherrin-transparent.png",
    ["austrick"] = "Flag of Austria.svg",
    ["austrikc-hungary"] = "Wappen Österreich-Ungarn 1916 (Klein).png",
    ["aviation"] = "Aviacionavion.png",
    ["avril lavigne"] = "LetGo.jpg",
    ["awake"] = "Awake Title.jpg",
    ["azad kashmir"] = "Flag of Azad Kashmir.svg",
    ["azerbaijan"] = "Flag of Azerbaijan.svg",
    ["bacon"] = "NCI bacon.jpg",
    ["badminton"] = "Badminton racquet.svg",
    ["bahamas"] = "Flag of the Bahamas.svg",
    ["bahrain"] = "Flag of Bahrain.svg",
    ["bahá'í faith"] = "Bahai star.svg",
    ["ballet"] = "Ballerina-icon.jpg",
    ["balochistan, pakistan"] = "Flag of Balochistan, PK.gif|border",
    ["baltic states"] = "Subdivisions of baltic states.svg",
    ["bande dessinée"] = "FrancoBelgianballoon.svg",
    ["bangalore"] = "Bangalore_Palace.jpg",
    ["bangladesh"] = "Flag of Bangladesh.svg",
    ["bangladesh premier league"] = "BPL.png",
    ["baptist"] = "Baptism logo.jpg",
    ["barack obama"] = "Obama.svg",
    ["barbados"] = "Nuvola Barbados flag.svg",
    ["basebaw"] = "Baseball (crop).jpg",
    ["basketbaw"] = "Basketball.png",
    ["basque"] = "Lauburu.svg",
    ["battleships"] = "BS Bismarck.png",
    ["battlestar galactica"] = "BattlestarMandala.svg",
    ["bavarie"] = "Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg",
    ["bbc"] = "BBC.svg",
    ["beer"] = "Projet bière logo v2.png",
    ["beijing"] = "Beijing-name.svg",
    ["belaroushie"] = "Flag of Belarus.svg|border",
    ["belgium"] = "Flag of Belgium.svg",
    ["belize"] = "Flag of Belize.svg",
    ["bengal"] = "BengaliScriptKo.svg",
    ["benin"] = "Flag of Benin.svg",
    ["berbers"] = "Berber flag.svg",
    ["berkshire"] = "Berkshire Flag.gif",
    ["berlin"] = "Coat of arms of Berlin.svg",
    ["bermuda"] = "Flag of Bermuda.svg|border",
    ["beyoncé knowles"] = "Beyonce cropped2.jpg",
    ["bhutan"] = "Flag of Bhutan.svg",
    ["bible"] = "Bible.malmesbury.arp.jpg",
    ["bihar"] = "Seal of Bihar.jpg",
    ["biography"] = "P vip.svg",
    ["biological warfare"] = "Anthrax culture.jpg",
    ["biology"] = "Issoria lathonia.jpg",
    ["biotechnology"] = "3d tRNA.png",
    ["birds"] = "Eagle 01.svg",
    ["björk"] = "Bjork Hurricane.jpg",
    ["blu-ray"] = "Blu-ray disc2.png",
    ["bob dylan"] = "Bob dylan.jpg",
    ["bohol"] = "Chocolate_Hills.jpg",
    ["bolivie"] = "Flag of Bolivia.svg|border",
    ["bollywid"] = "Indiafilm.svg",
    ["beuk o mormon"] = "Book of Mormon English Missionary Edition Soft Cover.jpg",
    ["beuks"] = "Nuvola apps bookcase.svg",
    ["bosnia an herzegovinae"] = "Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg",
    ["boston"] = "Flag of Boston.svg",
    ["botany"] = "Rosa villosa.jpg",
    ["botswana"] = "Flag of Botswana.svg",
    ["brandy norwood"] = "BrandyNorwoodJuly04.jpg",
    ["brazil"] = "Flag of Brazil.svg",
    ["bridges"] = "Pont-type-4-haubans.svg",
    ["brighton"] = "Brighton Royal Pavilion.jpg",
    ["bristol"] = "Bristol arms cropped.jpg",
    ["breetish airmy"] = "Flag of the British Army.svg",
    ["breetish columbie"] = "Flag of British Columbia.svg",
    ["breetish empire"] = "British Empire 1897.jpg",
    ["breetish indian ocean territory"] = "Flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory.svg",
    ["breetish librar"] = "British library london.jpg",
    ["breetish politics"] = "Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.svg",
    ["breetish virgin islands"] = "Flag of the British Virgin Islands.svg",
    ["britney spears"] = "Baby One More Time 2009.jpg",
    ["brittany"] = "Flag of Brittany.svg",
    ["brunei"] = "Flag of Brunei.svg",
    ["brussels"] = "Flag Belgium brussels.svg",
    ["bryan adams"] = "Bryan Adams Hamburg MG 0631 flickr.jpg",
    ["bucharest"] = "Bucharest-Coat-of-Arms.png",
    ["buckinghamshire"] = "EnglandBuckinghamshire.png",
    ["budapest"] = "Coat_of_arms_of_Budapest.svg",
    ["buddhism"] = "Dharma Wheel.svg",
    ["buenos aires"] = "Flag of Buenos Aires City.png",
    ["buffy the vampire slayer"] = "Buffya.jpg",
    ["bulgarie"] = "Flag of Bulgaria.svg|border",
    ["bulgarie empire"] = "Coat of arms of the Second Bulgarian Empire.svg",
    ["burkina faso"] = "Flag of Burkina Faso.svg",
    ["burma"] = "Flag of Myanmar.svg",
    ["burma (myanmar)"] = "Flag of Myanmar.svg",
    ["burundi"] = "Flag of Burundi.svg",
    ["buses"] = "BSicon BUS.svg",
    ["business an economics"] = "Emblem-money.svg",
    ["byzantine empire"] = "Flag of Palaeologus Dynasty.svg",
    ["ca"] = "Flag of Canada.svg",
    ["californie"] = "Flag of California.svg|border",
    ["californie central valley"] = "California Central Valley county map.svg",
    ["californie roads"] = "California blank.svg",
    ["calvinism"] = "Kreuz-hugenotten.svg",
    ["calvinism/sandbox"] = "John Calvin - Young.jpg",
    ["cambodie"] = "Flag of Cambodia.svg|border",
    ["cameroon"] = "Flag of Cameroon.svg",
    ["canadae"] = "Flag of Canada.svg",
    ["canadae/kawartha lakes"] = "Kawartha Lakes flag.svg",
    ["canadae roads"] = "Trans-Canada Highway shield.svg",
    ["canadie"] = "Flag of Canada.svg",
    ["canadie airmed forces"] = "Canadian Forces emblem.svg",
    ["canadie communities"] = "Map Canada political-geo.png",
    ["canadie fitbaa"] = "Canadian football.png",
    ["canadie forces"] = "Canadian Forces emblem.svg",
    ["canadie law"] = "Supreme Court of Canada.jpg",
    ["canadie muisic"] = "Tower-wireless-can.png",
    ["canadie politics"] = "Can-vote-stub.svg",
    ["canadie sport"] = "313px-CanadaSoccer.png",
    ["canadie territories"] = "Northern Canada.svg",
    ["canadie tv shaws"] = "Canadian television stub icon.svg",
    ["cannabis"] = "Cannabis leaf.svg",
    ["canon law"] = "[[File:Justice and law.svg]]",
    ["cape cod an the islands"] = "Nobska Lighthouse 1.jpg",
    ["cape verde"] = "Flag of Cape Verde.svg|border",
    ["caipital destrict"] = "Empire State Plaza symbol 2.svg",
    ["caipitalism"] = "United States penny, obverse, 2002.jpg",
    ["caribbean"] = "Caribbean map blank.png",
    ["caribbean community"] = "Flag of CARICOM.svg",
    ["carriacou an petite martinique"] = "Hillsborough carriacou.jpg",
    ["caurs"] = "Sportcar sergio luiz ara 01.svg",
    ["cartuin"] = "Mad scientist.svg",
    ["cartuin network"] = "Cartoon Network.svg|border",
    ["catalan"] = "Penó de la Conquesta.svg",
    ["catalan-speakin kintras"] = "Penó de la Conquesta.svg",
    ["catholicism"] = "046CupolaSPietro.jpg",
    ["cats"] = "Cat03.jpg",
    ["celine dion"] = "Celine Dion Concert Singing 'Taking Chances' 2008.jpg",
    ["celtic studies"] = "Celtic-knot-insquare-39crossings.svg",
    ["celts"] = "Celtic-knot-insquare-39crossings.svg",
    ["central african republic"] = "Flag of the Central African Republic.svg",
    ["central americae"] = "Age of Consent - Central America.svg",
    ["central asie"] = "Central Asian Games participating countries.PNG",
    ["cetaceans"] = "Sperm whale fluke.jpg",
    ["chad"] = "Flag of Chad.svg",
    ["chandigarh"] = "Ghandi_Bhawan_at_Punjab_University.jpg",
    ["charles dickens"] = "Charles_Dickens_3.jpg",
    ["chechnya"] = "Flag of the Chechen Republic.svg",
    ["cheesehead"] = "Cheesehead.png",
    ["chemistry"] = "Nuvola apps edu science.svg",
    ["chennai"] = "Chennai High Court 1200x800.jpg",
    ["cher"] = "Cher Assinatura.png",
    ["cheshire"] = "EnglandCheshire.svg",
    ["chess"] = "Nuvola apps package games strategy.png",
    ["chhattisgarh"] = "India Chhattisgarh locator map.svg",
    ["chicago"] = "Chicago city seal.png",
    ["childer's literature"] = "Tom Sawyer 1876 frontispiece.jpg",
    ["chile"] = "Flag of Chile.svg|border",
    ["cheenae"] = "China.svg",
    ["christian democracy"] = "Orange flag waving.svg",
    ["christianity"] = "P christianity.svg",
    ["christianity in cheenae"] = "Blessing message.svg",
    ["christianity in indie"] = "India with cross.svg",
    ["christian metal"] = "Guitar 1.svg",
    ["christian music"] = "Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg",
    ["christina aguilera"] = "CA2010PREIMRE.jpg",
    ["christmas"] = "Xmas tree.svg",
    ["chronology"] = "History.gif",
    ["cincinnati"] = "Cincinnati Dusk Light.JPG",
    ["ceety o port o spain"] = "POScrest.jpg",
    ["ceety o san fernando"] = "HilltopSandoview.jpg",
    ["classical ceevilisation"] = "2006 01 21 Athènes Parthénon.JPG",
    ["classical muisic"] = "'A' (PSF).png",
    ["cleveland"] = "Flag of Cleveland, Ohio.svg",
    ["cleveland, ohio"] = "Flag of Cleveland, Ohio.svg",
    ["cn"] = "Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg",
    ["coffee"] = "Emblem-relax.svg",
    ["cauld war"] = "Cold War Map 1959.svg",
    ["college basketbaw"] = "Basketball.png",
    ["college fitbaa"] = "NCAAFootball transparent.png",
    ["colombie"] = "Flag of Colombia.svg",
    ["colonialism"] = "PithHelmetTruman.jpg",
    ["colour"] = "Colouring pencils.jpg",
    ["colorado"] = "Flag of Colorado.svg|alt=Flag of Colorado",
    ["comedy"] = "SMirC-laugh.svg",
    ["comics"] = "Speech balloon.svg",
    ["commonweel"] = "Commonwealth Realms map2.png",
    ["commonweel gemmes"] = "The Bar.png",
    ["commonweel realms"] = "Commonwealth Realms map2.png",
    ["communism"] = "Symbol-hammer-and-sickle.svg",
    ["community"] = "P globe blue.png",
    ["comoros"] = "Flag of the Comoros.svg",
    ["companies"] = "Factory 1b.svg",
    ["computer graphics"] = "5-cell.gif",
    ["computer networkin"] = "Bus icon.svg",
    ["computer programmin"] = "8bit-dynamiclist.gif",
    ["computer science"] = "Internet map 1024.jpg",
    ["computer security"] = "Monitor padlock.svg",
    ["connecticut"] = "Seal of Connecticut.svg",
    ["conservatism"] = "DodgerBlue flag waving.svg",
    ["constructit leids"] = "Design conlang.png",
    ["contents"] = "Wikipedia's W.svg",
    ["contents/indexes"] = "Pointing-right.svg",
    ["contents/outlines"] = "Pointing-left.svg",
    ["cuik islands"] = "Flag of the Cook Islands.svg",
    ["cooperatives"] = "Twinpines.svg",
    ["cornhusker"] = "Nebraska silhouette.png",
    ["cornwall"] = "Flag of Cornwall.svg|border",
    ["costa rica"] = "Flag of Costa Rica.svg",
    ["kintra muisic"] = "Steel guitar-KayEss.1.jpeg",
    ["courage"] = "Fortitude.jpg",
    ["creationism"] = "Michelangelo, Creation of Adam 04.jpg",
    ["cricket"] = "Cricketball.png",
    ["crime"] = "Scale of justice 2.svg",
    ["crimea"] = "Flag of Crimea.svg",
    ["criminal juistice"] = "Scale of justice 2.svg",
    ["croatie"] = "Flag of Croatia.svg",
    ["crusades"] = "Blason ville fr Villejust (Essonne).svg",
    ["crustaceans"] = "Charybdis japonica.jpg",
    ["cryptography"] = "Crypto key.svg",
    ["cryptozoology"] = "Okapi2.jpg",
    ["cuba"] = "Flag of Cuba.svg",
    ["cultural heritage o serbie"] = "Spomenik Kulture.svg",
    ["cultur"] = "P culture.svg",
    ["cumbrie"] = "Herdwick sheep crop.jpg",
    ["current events"] = "Ambox globe.svg",
    ["current events/turkey"] = "Wikinews-logo.png",
    ["cyclin"] = "Cycling pictogram.svg",
    ["cyprus"] = "Satellite image of Cyprus, cropped.jpg",
    ["czech republic"] = "Flag of the Czech Republic.svg|border",
    ["córdoba"] = "Escudo ciudad de cordoba argentina.svg",
    ["côte d'ivoire"] = "Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg|border",
    ["dacia"] = "Dacie Burebista -60-44.png",
    ["dadra an nagar haveli"] = "India Dadra and Nagar Haveli locator map.svg",
    ["dallas – fort worth metroplex"] = "Downtown Dallas from the Trinity River.jpg",
    ["daman an diu"] = "India Daman and Diu locator map.svg",
    ["dance"] = "Ballerina-icon.jpg",
    ["daih"] = "Skull 2.svg",
    ["degrassi"] = "Degrassi logo 2013.png",
    ["delaware"] = "Flag of Delaware.svg|border",
    ["delhi"] = "India Gate 600x400.jpg",
    ["democratic republic o the congo"] = "Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg|border",
    ["denmark"] = "Flag of Denmark.svg",
    ["dentistry"] = "Dentistry stub.svg",
    ["denver"] = "Flag_of_Denver,_Colorado.svg",
    ["derbyshire"] = "Derbyshire flag.svg|border",
    ["design"] = "Design portal logo.jpg",
    ["devon"] = "Flag of Devon.svg|border",
    ["dinosaurs"] = "Tyrannoskull.jpg",
    ["disability"] = "Handicapped Accessible sign.svg",
    ["disasters"] = "SanFranHouses06.JPG",
    ["discrete mathematics"] = "Nuvola apps atlantik.png",
    ["discrimination"] = "Disclogo1.svg",
    ["disney"] = "Magic Kingdom castle.jpg",
    ["djibouti"] = "Flag of Djibouti.svg|border",
    ["doctor who"] = "TARDIS-trans.png",
    ["dugs"] = "Aussie-blacktri.jpg",
    ["dominica"] = "Flag of Dominica.svg",
    ["dominican republic"] = "Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg",
    ["dorset"] = "Flag of Dorset.svg|border",
    ["dragon baw"] = "DBZ UBX2.svg",
    ["dravidian"] = "Dravidian people.png",
    ["dravidian ceevilizations"] = "Dravidische Sprachen.png",
    ["drink"] = "Goblet Glass (Banquet).svg",
    ["dubai"] = "Flag of Dubai.svg",
    ["dungeons & dragons"] = "Icosahedron.svg",
    ["yirdquauks"] = "NormalFault.svg",
    ["earth sciences"] = "DirkvdM rocks.jpg",
    ["east asie"] = "East Asia Cutout Projection.png",
    ["eastenders"] = "EastEnders Television.png",
    ["eastren christianity"] = "USVA headstone emb-05.svg",
    ["eastren europe"] = "MapLab-Eastern Europe.svg",
    ["eastren ontario"] = "EasternOntario.png",
    ["east frisie"] = "Ostfriesland_CoA.svg",
    ["east germany"] = "Flag of East Germany.svg|border",
    ["east sussex"] = "E_Sussex_arms.png",
    ["east timor"] = "Flag of East Timor.svg|border",
    ["ecology"] = "Earth flag PD.jpg",
    ["ecuador"] = "Flag of Ecuador.svg",
    ["ed, edd n eddy"] = "Ed, Edd n Eddy logo.png",
    ["edgar allan poe"] = "PoeCorbeau.png",
    ["edmonton"] = "Edmonton Downtown Skyline daytime new.jpg",
    ["edmoton"] = "Edmonton Downtown Skyline daytime new.jpg",
    ["eddication"] = "Nuvola apps bookcase.svg",
    ["eddication in canadae"] = "School.svg",
    ["eddication in canadae/heicher eddication task force"] = "Platopainting.jpg",
    ["eddication in pakistan"] = "Flag of Pakistan.svg",
    ["egyp"] = "Flag of Egypt.svg",
    ["elbe sandstone muntains"] = "Lilienstein herbstabend.jpeg",
    ["electoral districts in canadae"] = "Canpoligeoicon.png",
    ["electronic muisic"] = "Maplin 5600.jpg",
    ["electronics"] = "Nuvola apps ksim.png",
    ["el salvador"] = "Flag of El Salvador.svg|border",
    ["elvis presley"] = "YoungElvisPresley.jpg",
    ["eminem"] = "Elogo.svg",
    ["emo"] = "Emosmile.png",
    ["energy"] = "Crystal energy.svg",
    ["engineerin"] = "Nuvola apps kcmsystem.svg",
    ["ingland"] = "Flag of England.svg|border",
    ["inglis"] = "English.gif",
    ["inglis fitbaa"] = "Soccerball England.svg",
    ["environment"] = "Aegopodium podagraria1 ies.jpg",
    ["equatorial guinea"] = "Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg",
    ["erie"] = "Flag of Erie, Pennsylvania.svg",
    ["eritrea"] = "Flag of Eritrea.svg|border",
    ["esperanto"] = "Flag of Esperanto.svg",
    ["espionage"] = "Eye spy usaf.jpg",
    ["estonie"] = "Flag of Estonia.svg|border",
    ["estrie"] = "Abbey St-Benoît-du-lac.jpg",
    ["ethics"] = "Conscience and law.jpg",
    ["ethiopie"] = "Flag of Ethiopia.svg|border",
    ["europe"] = "Europe green light.png",
    ["european space agency"] = "ESA logo simple.svg",
    ["european union"] = "Flag of Europe.svg|border",
    ["european union/member states"] = "Obiekt zabytkowy.svg",
    ["euroveesion"] = "Wiki Eurovision Heart.svg",
    ["evanescence"] = "EV-In.svg",
    ["evangelion"] = "Tree of life kircher plain.png",
    ["events"] = "Ambox globe.svg",
    ["evolutionary biology"] = "Tree of life.svg",
    ["extinction"] = "ExtinctDodoBird.jpeg",
    ["faisalabad"] = "Faisalabad Montage.jpg",
    ["falkland islands"] = "Flag of the Falkland Islands.svg",
    ["falun gong"] = "Falun Gong Logo.svg",
    ["family guy"] = "Family Guy television set.svg",
    ["faroe islands"] = "Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg|border",
    ["fascism"] = "Fasces lictoriae.svg",
    ["fashion"] = "BathingSuit1920s.jpg",
    ["federatit states o micronesie"] = "Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia.svg",
    ["feminism"] = "Woman-power emblem.svg",
    ["fencing"] = "Fencing pictogram.svg",
    ["fictional characters"] = "Friendly stickman.svg",
    ["figure skatin"] = "Figure-skates-1.jpg",
    ["fiji"] = "Flag of Fiji.svg",
    ["film"] = "Video-x-generic.svg",
    ["film/canadie cinema task force"] = "Canadafilm.svg",
    ["film in the unitit states"] = "United States film.svg",
    ["final fantasy"] = "Final Fantasy wordmark.svg",
    ["finger lakes"] = "Fingerlakesmap2.PNG",
    ["finland"] = "Flag of Finland.svg|border",
    ["fire"] = "Large bonfire.jpg",
    ["fish"] = "Antennarius striatus.jpg",
    ["fishin"] = "Fish icon.svg",
    ["florida"] = "Flag of Florida.svg|border",
    ["folklore"] = "Книги 3.png",
    ["fuid"] = "Foodlogo2.svg",
    ["fitbaa/unitit states an canadae task force"] = "Soccer ball.svg",
    ["fitbaa in argentinae"] = "ArgentinaFootball.png",
    ["fitbaa in germany"] = "Football Germany.png",
    ["forestry"] = "Pine forest in Sweden.jpg",
    ["formula ane"] = "Motorsport current event.svg",
    ["forums"] = "Chat bubbles.svg",
    ["fraunce"] = "Flag of France.svg",
    ["franco-americans"] = "Drapeau Franco-Américain.svg|border",
    ["frank zappa"] = "Zappa.jpg",
    ["freedom o speech"] = "Free-speech-flag.svg",
    ["freemasonry"] = "Square compasses.svg",
    ["free saftware"] = "Free Software Portal Logo.svg",
    ["free speech"] = "Free-speech-flag.svg",
    ["french africae"] = "Flag of France.svg",
    ["french an francophone literatur"] = "Open book nae French flag.png",
    ["french guiana"] = "Flag of French Guiana.svg",
    ["french leid an french-speakin warld"] = "New-Map-Francophone World.PNG",
    ["french literatur"] = "Open book nae French flag.png",
    ["french militar history"] = "Flag of France.svg",
    ["friends"] = "Friends logo.svg",
    ["fujairah"] = "Flag of Fujairah.svg|border",
    ["fungi"] = "Karl Johanssvamp, Iduns kokbok.png",
    ["furry"] = "Furry blue paw logo.png",
    ["futurama"] = "Earth Flag.svg",
    ["gabon"] = "Flag of Gabon.svg",
    ["galicie"] = "Flag of Galicia.svg|border",
    ["gemmes"] = "Nuvola apps kbackgammon.png",
    ["gangs"] = "Simbolo triada.jpg",
    ["gairdenin"] = "France Loiret La Bussiere Potager 05.jpg",
    ["gastropods"] = "Grapevinesnail 01a.jpg",
    ["gemology an jewelry"] = "Apollo synthetic diamond.jpg",
    ["gender studies"] = "SexEquality.png",
    ["genealogy"] = "Stamboom png.svg",
    ["geneva"] = "Wappen Genf matt.svg",
    ["gene wiki"] = "Gene Wiki logo.png",
    ["genocide"] = "GenocidePortalLogo(ESR)2.JPG",
    ["geografie"] = "Terrestrial globe.svg",
    ["geografie o canadae"] = "Canada flag map.svg",
    ["geology"] = "WikiProject Geology.svg",
    ["geometry"] = "Crystal Clear app 3d.png",
    ["georgie (kintra)"] = "Flag of Georgia.svg|border",
    ["german"] = "Goethe (Stieler 1828).jpg",
    ["german-speakin"] = "Goethe (Stieler 1828).jpg",
    ["germany"] = "Flag of Germany.svg",
    ["ghana"] = "Flag of Ghana.svg|border",
    ["gibraltar"] = "Flag of Gibraltar.svg|border",
    ["gilbert an sullivan"] = "Pinaforeplaybill.jpg",
    ["gilgit-baltistan"] = "Flag of Pakistan.svg",
    ["glee"] = "Glee-textlogo.svg",
    ["globalization"] = "Gps tracking.jpg",
    ["global wairmin"] = "Global Warming Map.jpg",
    ["goa"] = "Seal of Goa.png",
    ["golf"] = "Golf ball.jpg",
    ["google"] = "Google-Logo.svg",
    ["govrenment o indie"] = "Emblem of India.svg",
    ["govrenment o pakistan"] = "Coat of arms of Pakistan.svg",
    ["govrenment o the unitit states"] = "Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg",
    ["govrenment o the unitit states/executive branch"] = "Nuvola USA flag alternative.svg",
    ["govrenments o canadae"] = "Canada Parliament2.jpg",
    ["graffiti"] = "Dfrturniptrophy.jpg",
    ["grateful dead"] = "Steal your square icon.jpg",
    ["gravitation"] = "A Swarm of Ancient Stars - GPN-2000-000930.jpg",
    ["greater los angeles"] = "Sunset at Huntington Beach.jpg",
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    ["greek meethology"] = "Birth of Venus detail.jpg",
    ["green day"] = "Billie Joe Armstrong-cropped.jpg",
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    ["grey's anatomy"] = "Grey's_Anatomy_Icon.gif",
    ["guadeloupe"] = "Flag of Guadeloupe (local).svg",
    ["guam"] = "Coat of arms of Guam.svg",
    ["guatemala"] = "Flag of Guatemala.svg",
    ["guernsey"] = "Flag of Guernsey.svg",
    ["guinea"] = "Flag of Guinea.svg",
    ["guinea-bissau"] = "Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg|border",
    ["guitar"] = "E-Guitare-horiz.png",
    ["gujarat"] = "Seal of Gujarat.svg",
    ["guyana"] = "Flag of Guyana.svg|border",
    ["guåhan"] = "Coat of arms of Guam.svg",
    ["gymnastics"] = "Gymnastics128px.png",
    ["haiti"] = "Flag of Haiti.svg",
    ["hamburg"] = "Coat of arms of Hamburg.svg",
    ["hamilton, ontario"] = "Flag of Hamilton.svg",
    ["hampshire"] = "EnglandHampshire.svg",
    ["harare"] = "Flag of Harare.svg",
    ["harry potter"] = "HP - Harry Potter wordmark.svg",
    ["haryana"] = "Seal of Haryana.jpg",
    ["hawaii"] = "Flag of Hawaii.svg|border",
    ["hazara fowk"] = "Hazara people portal logo.png",
    ["health an fitness"] = "Nuvola apps package favorite.svg",
    ["heathenism"] = "Heathenism symbol.PNG",
    ["hivy metal"] = "Audio_a.svg",
    ["hebe camargo"] = "Hebe Camargo 3.jpg",
    ["hellenismos"] = "Laurel_wreath_fa13.gif",
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    ["heraldry"] = "PB Scrope CoA.png",
    ["heraldry an vexillology"] = "En-wikipedia arms 9.svg",
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    ["himachal pradesh"] = "Seal of Himachal Pradesh.jpg",
    ["himalayas"] = "Everest North Face toward Base Camp Tibet Luca Galuzzi 2006.jpg",
    ["hinduism"] = "Aum red.svg",
    ["hindu meethology"] = "HinduSwastika.svg",
    ["hip hop"] = "Loudspeaker-crystal-theme.svg",
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    ["history o canadae"] = "Canadian Red Ensign 1957-1965.svg",
    ["history o science"] = "Kepler-solar-system-2.gif",
    ["hitchhiker's"] = "Answer to Life.png",
    ["hitchhiker's guide tae the galaxy"] = "Answer to Life.png",
    ["holidays"] = "Calendar icon.svg",
    ["home"] = "Big single-family home 2.jpg",
    ["home improvement"] = "Preferences-system.svg",
    ["honduras"] = "Flag of Honduras.svg",
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    ["hoosier"] = "Flag of Indiana.svg",
    ["horror"] = "Vampire Smiley.png",
    ["horror fiction"] = "Vampire Smiley.png",
    ["horse racin"] = "Flat racing clipart.svg",
    ["horses"] = "Finnhorse stallion.jpg",
    ["horticultur"] = "Adding protective covering to new Pinot Noir plantings.jpg",
    ["house, m.d."] = "Television.svg",
    ["houston"] = "Flag of Houston, Texas.png",
    ["hudson valley"] = "Hudson river from bear mountain bridge.jpg",
    ["human richts"] = "HumanRightsLogo.svg",
    ["human spaceflicht"] = "STS-41-B MMU.jpg",
    ["hungary"] = "Flag of Hungary.svg",
    ["hunger"] = "Food Bank Icon.jpg",
    ["hunger relief"] = "Food Bank Icon.jpg",
    ["hyderabad"] = "Birla Mandir, Hyderabad.jpg",
    ["ice hockey"] = "2hockeypucks.jpg",
    ["iceland"] = "Flag of Iceland.svg",
    ["idaho"] = "Flag of Idaho.svg|border",
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    ["illinois"] = "Flag of Illinois.svg|border",
    ["imperial valley"] = "Salton Sea from Space.jpg",
    ["in"] = "Flag of India.svg",
    ["indie"] = "Flag of India.svg",
    ["indiana"] = "Flag of Indiana.svg",
    ["indiana jones"] = "Hatt2.png",
    ["indianapolis"] = "Flag of Indianapolis.svg",
    ["indian classical muisic"] = "Tabla y duggi6.JPG",
    ["indian independence movement"] = "1931 Flag of India.svg",
    ["indian premier league"] = "Ipl.svg",
    ["indian releegions"] = "Taj Mahal pr.jpg",
    ["indigenous fowk o north americae"] = "Spiromoundsraccoon.gif",
    ["indigenous fowks o north americae"] = "Spiromoundsraccoon.gif",
    ["indigenous fowks o the americas"] = "MAYA-g-log-cal-D10-Ok.svg",
    ["indonesie"] = "Flag of Indonesia.svg|border",
    ["industrial muisic"] = "Avidemux.png",
    ["information technology"] = "Computer-aj aj ashton 01.svg",
    ["infrastructur"] = "Darwin Airport Water Tower.jpg",
    ["inland empire"] = "California county map (Inland Empire highlighted).svg",
    ["insects"] = "European wasp white bg.jpg",
    ["intelligence"] = "Fbi duquesne.jpg",
    ["international relations"] = "Terra.png",
    ["internet"] = "Crystal Clear app browser.png",
    ["internet relay chat"] = "Ircnetz-Schema.svg",
    ["iowa"] = "Flag of Iowa.svg|border",
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    ["iranian azerbaijanis"] = "AZARBAIJAN MAP.JPG",
    ["iraq"] = "Flag of Iraq.svg|border",
    ["iraq war"] = "Flag of Iraq.svg",
    ["ireland"] = "Four Provinces Flag.svg",
    ["iron maiden"] = "Iron Maiden's Eddie1.jpg",
    ["islam"] = "Allah-green.svg",
    ["islamabad"] = "Proposed Flag of Islamabad Capital Territory.svg|border",
    ["islands"] = "Islands of the world.PNG",
    ["isle o man"] = "Flag of the Isle of Man.svg|border",
    ["isle o man tt"] = "Cameron IMG 0014.jpg",
    ["isle o wight"] = "Isle of Wight flag.svg",
    ["israel"] = "Flag of Israel.svg|border",
    ["italian"] = "Flag of Italy.svg|border",
    ["italian wars"] = "Marignano.jpg",
    ["italy"] = "Flag of Italy.svg|border",
    ["ivory coast"] = "Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg|border",
    ["jackson family"] = "Michael and Janet Jackson collection.jpg",
    ["jacksonville"] = "Flag of Jacksonville, Florida.svg|border",
    ["jagadguru rambhadracharya"] = "JagadguruRamabhadracharya001.jpg",
    ["jainism"] = "In-jain.svg",
    ["jamaica"] = "Nuvola Jamaican flag.svg",
    ["james bond"] = "Walther PPK.svg",
    ["jammu and kashmir"] = "Seal of Jammu and Kashmir color.png",
    ["jane austen"] = "Jane Austen 1870 cropped.jpg",
    ["janet jackson"] = "Janet Jackson.jpg",
    ["japan"] = "Flag of Japan.svg|border",
    ["japanese caurs"] = "Car with Driver-Silhouette.svg",
    ["java"] = "Wave.svg",
    ["jazz"] = "Saxo Boca1.JPG",
    ["jersey"] = "Flag of Jersey.svg",
    ["jerusalem"] = "Jerusalem emblem.png",
    ["jessica simpson"] = "Jessica_Simpson_crop.jpg",
    ["jharkhand"] = "Seal of Jharkhand.png",
    ["jhelum"] = "Major Akram Memorial.jpg",
    ["jordan"] = "Flag of Jordan.svg",
    ["journalism"] = "Newspaper nicu buculei 01.svg",
    ["judaism"] = "Star of David.svg",
    ["jupiter"] = "Jupiter by Cassini-Huygens.jpg",
    ["justin bieber"] = "Justin Bieber NRJ Music Awards 2012.jpg",
    ["kabbalah"] = "Tree of life wk 02.svg",
    ["kansas"] = "Flag of Kansas.svg",
    ["kanye west"] = "Kanye West.svg",
    ["karachi"] = "CDGKlogo.png",
    ["karnataka"] = "Seal of Karnataka.svg",
    ["kazakhstan"] = "Flag of Kazakhstan.svg",
    ["kent"] = "Kent flag.svg",
    ["kentucky"] = "Flag of Kentucky.svg",
    ["kenyae"] = "Flag of Kenya.svg",
    ["kerala"] = "Kerala houseboat.jpg",
    ["khitan"] = "The Fugong Temple Wooden Pagoda.jpg",
    ["khyber pakhtunkhwa"] = "Flag of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.svg|border",
    ["keeng arthur"] = "Blason imaginaire Arthur.svg",
    ["kinrick o denmark"] = "Flag of Denmark.svg",
    ["kinrick o fraunce"] = "Royal Standard of the Kingdom of France.svg|border",
    ["kiribati"] = "Flag of Kiribati.svg",
    ["kolkata"] = "Marble Palace Kolkata 1200x800.jpg.jpg",
    ["korea"] = "Korea Map.svg",
    ["kosovo"] = "Kosovo stub.svg",
    ["kurdistan"] = "Flag_of_Kurdistan.svg|border",
    ["kuwait"] = "Flag of Kuwait.svg",
    ["kylie minogue"] = "KylieAphroditeLogo-K.png",
    ["kyrgyzstan"] = "Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg",
    ["lacrosse"] = "Crossed lacrosse sticks.svg",
    ["lady gaga"] = "Monster ball uk dance in the dark cropped to face.jpg",
    ["lahore"] = "Badshahi Mosque July 1 2005 pic32 by Ali Imran (1).jpg",
    ["lakshadweep"] = "IndiaLakshadweep.png",
    ["lancashire"] = "Lancashire rose.svg",
    ["lancaster"] = "Flag of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.svg",
    ["lancaster, pennsylvania"] = "Flag of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.svg",
    ["leid"] = "Globelang.png",
    ["leids"] = "Globe of letters.svg",
    ["laos"] = "Flag of Laos.svg",
    ["las vegas"] = "Flag of Las Vegas, Nevada.svg",
    ["laitin americae"] = "Map-Latin America and Caribbean.png",
    ["laitin americae muisic"] = "Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg",
    ["laitin american muisic"] = "Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg",
    ["laitino an hispanic american"] = "Hispanic Flag.png",
    ["latter-day saunts"] = "Christus statue temple square salt lake city.jpg",
    ["latvie"] = "Flag of Latvia.svg",
    ["laurentides"] = "Paysage lac Monroe.jpg",
    ["law"] = "Scale of justice 2 new.jpeg",
    ["law enforcement"] = "Nuvola apps agent.svg",
    ["law o ingland an wales"] = "Scale of justice 2 new.jpeg",
    ["lebanon"] = "Flag of Lebanon.svg|border",
    ["led zeppelin"] = "Zoso-square-layout.svg",
    ["legend ofzelda"] = "Triforce.svg",
    ["lego"] = "Plastic brick, red.svg",
    ["lemony snicket"] = "Eyes lumen design.svg",
    ["lesotho"] = "Flag of Lesotho.svg",
    ["lettuce"] = "Romaine.jpg",
    ["lgbt"] = "Nuvola LGBT flag borderless.svg",
    ["liberalism"] = "Yellow flag waving.svg",
    ["liberie"] = "Flag of Liberia.svg",
    ["libertarianism"] = "2006 AEGold Proof Obv.png",
    ["librar an information science"] = "Messagebox info.svg",
    ["librar o congress"] = "US-LibraryOfCongress-Seal.svg",
    ["libie"] = "Flag of Libya.svg|border",
    ["liechtenstein"] = "Flag of Liechtenstein.svg",
    ["lincolnshire"] = "Lincolnshire flag.svg",
    ["linguistics"] = "ParseTree.svg",
    ["linux"] = "NewTux.svg",
    ["lists"] = "Text-x-generic.svg",
    ["literatur"] = "Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg",
    ["lithuania"] = "Flag of Lithuania.svg",
    ["logic"] = "Venn 0001 0110.svg",
    ["lunnon"] = "Clock Tower - Palace of Westminster, London - May 2007.jpg",
    ["lunnon transport"] = "Underground sign at Westminster.jpg",
    ["los angeles"] = "LA Skyline Mountains2.jpg",
    ["lost"] = "Lost Black Wikipedia.png",
    ["louisiana"] = "Flag of Louisiana.svg",
    ["louisville"] = "Fleur-de-lis-3d.png",
    ["lawer saxony"] = "Coat_of_arms_of_Lower_Saxony.svg",
    ["lutheranism"] = "Lutherrose.svg",
    ["luton"] = "Luton_Crest.jpg",
    ["luxembourg"] = "Flag of Luxembourg.svg|border",
    ["lyon"] = "Blason Ville fr Lyon.svg",
    ["m*a*s*h"] = "Mash-logo2.JPG",
    ["macau"] = "Flag of Macau.svg",
    ["macedonie (greece)"] = "Flag of Greek Macedonia.svg",
    ["madagascar"] = "Flag of Madagascar.svg|border",
    ["madeira"] = "Flag of Madeira.svg",
    ["madhya pradesh"] = "Seal of Madhya Pradesh.png",
    ["madonna (entertainer)"] = "Madonnaicon.jpg",
    ["maharashtra"] = "Seal of Maharashtra.png",
    ["mahayana buddhism"] = "Fæ.png",
    ["main"] = "Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg",
    ["maine"] = "Flag of Maine.svg",
    ["main page"] = "Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg",
    ["malacca"] = "Flag of Malacca.svg",
    ["malawi"] = "Flag of Malawi.svg",
    ["malaysie"] = "Flag of Malaysia.svg",
    ["maldives"] = "Flag of Maldives.svg",
    ["mali"] = "Flag of Mali.svg|border",
    ["maltae"] = "Flag of Malta.svg|border",
    ["mammals"] = "Okapi2.jpg",
    ["mandatory palestine"] = "Palestine-Mandate-Ensign-1927-1948.svg",
    ["manila"] = "Ph seal ncr manila.png",
    ["manipur"] = "Seal of Manipur.gif",
    ["manitoba"] = "Flag of Manitoba.svg",
    ["cairts"] = "Worldmap LandAndPolitical.jpg",
    ["marathahalli"] = "Marathalli Bridge 12-6-2008 12-53-03 PM.JPG",
    ["mariah carey"] = "Mariah's signature.png",
    ["marine life"] = "Yellow.tang.arp.jpg",
    ["mario"] = "Mario emblem.svg",
    ["maurs"] = "Mars Hubble.jpg",
    ["martial arts"] = "Yin and Yang.svg",
    ["martinique"] = "Flag of Martinique.svg",
    ["marvin gaye"] = "Marvin Gaye (1973).png",
    ["maryland"] = "Flag of Maryland.svg",
    ["maryland roads"] = "MD blank.svg",
    ["massachusetts"] = "Coat of arms of Massachusetts.svg",
    ["mathematics"] = "Nuvola apps edu mathematics blue-p.svg",
    ["mauricie"] = "Energie Shawinigan.JPG",
    ["mauritanie"] = "Flag of Mauritania.svg|border",
    ["mauritius"] = "Flag of Mauritius.svg|border",
    ["mcb"] = "1axc tricolor.png",
    ["mecklenburg-vorpommern"] = "Flag of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.svg",
    ["media"] = "Icon Camera.svg",
    ["medicine"] = "Rod of Asclepius2.svg",
    ["mediterranean"] = "Mediterranean Relief.jpg",
    ["meghalaya"] = "Seal of Meghalaya.gif",
    ["melanesie"] = "Pacific Culture Areas.jpg",
    ["men's richts"] = "Symbol mars.svg",
    ["men in black"] = "Sunglasses-1_retouch.png",
    ["merge"] = "Merge-arrows.svg",
    ["mesoamericae"] = "Máscara de Xiuhtecuhtli Cultura Azteza-Mixteca Ars Summum.JPG",
    ["messianic judaism"] = "Messianic symbols.gif",
    ["metaphysics"] = "WLANL - Marjolein Benard - Little thought No. 2, Qiangli Liang (2005) detail.jpg",
    ["methodism"] = "Logo of the United Methodist Church.svg",
    ["metro detroit"] = "Muscle car Detroit.svg",
    ["metropolitan manila"] = "ManilaCityHall.jpg",
    ["mexico"] = "Flag of Mexico.svg",
    ["miami"] = "Seal of Miami, Florida.svg",
    ["michael jackson"] = "Michael-jackson-vector-2.jpg",
    ["michigan"] = "Flag of Michigan.svg",
    ["michigan highways"] = "M-Blank.svg",
    ["micronaitions"] = "Sealand fortress.jpg",
    ["micronesie"] = "Map OC-Micronesia.PNG",
    ["microsoft"] = "M box.svg",
    ["middle-yird"] = "Arda.Tengwar.svg",
    ["middle ages"] = "The Metropolitan M Stamp.PNG",
    ["middle east"] = "MiddleEast blacky.svg",
    ["milan"] = "Galleria vittorio emanuele ii 02.jpg",
    ["miles davis"] = "Miles Davis by Palumbo.jpg",
    ["militar history"] = "Waricon.svg",
    ["militar history/canadian militar history task force"] = "Canadian Forces emblem.svg",
    ["militar history o africae"] = "Waricon.svg",
    ["militar history o canadae"] = "Canadian Forces emblem.svg",
    ["militar history o the ottoman empire"] = "Topcu arma.jpg",
    ["militar o auncient roum"] = "Scutum 1.jpg",
    ["militar o australie"] = "Adf.jpg",
    ["militar o germany"] = "Bundeswehr Kreuz Black.svg",
    ["militar o greece"] = "Flag of Greece.svg",
    ["militar o indie"] = "Flag of India.svg|border",
    ["militar o pakistan"] = "Flag of the Pakistani Army.svg|border",
    ["militar o the unitit states"] = "Flag of the United States.svg",
    ["millennium"] = "Ouroboros-simple.svg",
    ["mind an brain"] = "Phrenology1.jpg",
    ["minin"] = "Schlaegel und Eisen nach DIN 21800.svg",
    ["minnesota"] = "Flag of Minnesota.svg",
    ["miskolc"] = "CoA Miskolc.gif",
    ["mississippi"] = "Flag of Mississippi.svg|border",
    ["missouri"] = "Flag of Missouri.svg|border",
    ["mitt romney"] = "Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore 6.jpg",
    ["mizoram"] = "Seal of Mizoram.svg",
    ["moldovae"] = "Flag of Moldova.svg",
    ["molecular an cellular biology"] = "TPI1 structure.png",
    ["molecular anthropology"] = "Mol Anth Ico.PNG",
    ["monaco"] = "Flag of Monaco.svg|border",
    ["monarchy"] = "Crown of Saint Edward Heraldry.svg",
    ["mongolie"] = "Flag of Mongolia.svg",
    ["monmouth"] = "Upside down Wikipedia W.jpg",
    ["montana"] = "Flag of Montana.svg",
    ["montenegro"] = "Flag of Montenegro.svg|border",
    ["montreal"] = "Flag of Montreal.svg|border",
    ["montserrat"] = "Flag of Montserrat.svg",
    ["muin"] = "Moon-Mdf-2005.jpg",
    ["morocco"] = "Flag of Morocco.svg|border",
    ["moscow"] = "Coat of Arms of Moscow.svg",
    ["motorcycle racin"] = "IlmorX3-003.png",
    ["motorsport"] = "Auto_Racing_Chequered.svg",
    ["motörhead"] = "Lemmy Kilmister.jpg",
    ["muntains"] = "Mountain.jpg",
    ["mozambique"] = "Flag of Mozambique.svg|border",
    ["mozilla"] = "Crystal_mozilla.png",
    ["mumbai"] = "Mumbai_Taj.JPG",
    ["muppets"] = "Muppets - first Disney logo.jpg",
    ["muisic"] = "Audio_a.svg",
    ["muisical theatre"] = "MTLogo2.png",
    ["muisic o australie"] = "WikiProject Australian Music.svg",
    ["muisic o canadae"] = "Tower-wireless-can.png",
    ["mx"] = "Flag of Mexico.svg",
    ["mythology"] = "Ddraig.svg",
    ["nagaland"] = "Seal of Nagaland.png",
    ["namibie"] = "Flag of Namibia.svg",
    ["napoleonic wars"] = "Napoleonic Eagle.svg",
    ["narnia"] = "Narnia aslan.jpg",
    ["nascar"] = "NASCAR practice.jpg",
    ["naitional basketbaw association"] = "Map of USA and Canada, NBA, zoom.svg",
    ["naitional fitbaa league"] = "Map of USA, NFL.svg",
    ["naitional register o historic places"] = "HistoricPlacesNationalRegisterPlaque.JPG",
    ["native americae"] = "Spiromoundsraccoon.gif",
    ["native american"] = "Spiromoundsraccoon.gif",
    ["nato"] = "Flag of NATO.svg",
    ["nautical"] = "Yacht foresail.svg",
    ["nazi germany"] = "Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg",
    ["nebraska"] = "Flag of Nebraska.svg|border",
    ["neil young"] = "Para Rael99 (que nos quiten lo bailao).jpg",
    ["nepal"] = "Flag of Nepal.svg",
    ["netherlands"] = "Flag of the Netherlands.svg",
    ["neuroscience"] = "Neuro logo.png",
    ["nevada"] = "Flag of Nevada.svg",
    ["new brunswick"] = "Flag of New Brunswick.svg|border",
    ["new ingland"] = "New England pine flag.svg",
    ["newfoundland an labrador"] = "Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador.svg|border",
    ["newfoundland an labrador/st. john's"] = "City of St. John's.jpg",
    ["new fraunce"] = "Pavillon LouisXIV.svg|border",
    ["new hampshire"] = "Flag of New Hampshire.svg",
    ["new jersey"] = "Flag of New Jersey.svg",
    ["new mexico"] = "Flag of New Mexico.svg|border",
    ["new orleans"] = "New Orleans, Louisiana flag.svg",
    ["new sooth wales"] = "Flag of New South Wales.svg",
    ["new spain"] = "Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svg",
    ["new york"] = "Flag of New York.svg",
    ["new york ceety"] = "Flag of New York City.svg",
    ["new york roads"] = "NY-blank (1927).svg",
    ["new zealand"] = "Flag of New Zealand.svg",
    ["nicaragua"] = "Flag of Nicaragua.svg",
    ["nickelodeon"] = "Nickelodeon logo new.svg",
    ["nicki minaj"] = "Nicki Minaj - Live Femme Fatale 8.jpg",
    ["niger"] = "Flag of Niger.svg|border",
    ["nigerie"] = "Flag of Nigeria.svg|border",
    ["nintendo"] = "Nintendo.svg",
    ["nishapur"] = "Al-Liwaa.svg",
    ["norfolk island"] = "Flag of Norfolk Island.svg",
    ["normandy"] = "Basse-Normandie flag.svg|border",
    ["north americae"] = "North America 368x348.png",
    ["northamptonshire"] = "Northamptonshire Flag.PNG",
    ["north carolina"] = "Flag of North Carolina.svg|border",
    ["north dakota"] = "Flag of North Dakota.svg",
    ["north east ingland"] = "EnglandNorthEast.png",
    ["northren europe"] = "MapLab-Northern Europe.svg",
    ["northren ireland"] = "NIShape.gif",
    ["northren mariana islands"] = "Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands.svg",
    ["northren territory"] = "Flag of the Northern Territory.svg",
    ["north korea"] = "Flag of North Korea.svg",
    ["north rhine-westphalie"] = "Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia.svg",
    ["north wast ingland"] = "Flag of North West England.svg|border",
    ["northwast territories"] = "Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg|border",
    ["norawa"] = "Flag of Norway.svg",
    ["nova scotie"] = "Flag of Nova Scotia.svg",
    ["novels"] = "Book collection.jpg",
    ["nrw"] = "Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia.svg",
    ["nuclear technology"] = "Radioactive.svg",
    ["numismatics"] = "United States penny, obverse, 2002.png",
    ["nunavut"] = "Flag of Nunavut.svg|border",
    ["nursing"] = "Nursing symbol.svg",
    ["oaxaca"] = "Flag of Oaxaca.png",
    ["occult"] = "Pentacle 2.svg",
    ["oceanie"] = "大洋.png",
    ["oceans"] = "Rotating earth (Very small).gif",
    ["ohio"] = "Flag of Ohio.svg",
    ["oklahoma"] = "Flag of Oklahoma.svg",
    ["auld airport road, bangalore"] = "Manipal_Hospital_front_View_4-20-2008_5-24-37_PM.JPG",
    ["olympics"] = "Olympic Rings.svg",
    ["olympics/paralympics"] = "IPC logo (2004).svg",
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    ["ontario"] = "Flag of Ontario.svg",
    ["ontario regions"] = "Ontario-flag-contour.png",
    ["opera"] = "Operalogo.svg",
    ["oregon"] = "Flag of Oregon.svg",
    ["organized labour"] = "Syndicalism.svg",
    ["oriental orthodoxy"] = "CopticCross.jpg",
    ["origami"] = "Origami-crane.jpg",
    ["orissa"] = "Konark_Wheel.jpg",
    ["osaka"] = "Flag of Osaka City.svg",
    ["osaka varsity"] = "Toyonaka stone.png",
    ["oscar wilde"] = "Oscar Wilde, 1882.jpg",
    ["ossetia"] = "Flag of North Ossetia.svg",
    ["ottawa"] = "Flag of Ottawa, Ontario.svg|border",
    ["ooter ring road, bangalore"] = "Outer_Ring_Road_from_ILife_Apartments_8-9-2008_9-49-45_AM.JPG",
    ["ootlines"] = "Global thinking.svg",
    ["oxfordshire"] = "EnglandOxfordshire.png",
    ["oz"] = "Oz flag.svg",
    ["pakistan"] = "Flag of Pakistan.svg|border",
    ["palaeontology"] = "Abyssal Brachiopod 00148.jpg",
    ["paleontology"] = "Abyssal Brachiopod 00148.jpg",
    ["palestine"] = "Flag of Palestine.svg",
    ["panama"] = "Flag of Panama.svg|border",
    ["papua new guinea"] = "Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg",
    ["paraguay"] = "Flag of Paraguay.svg",
    ["paralympics"] = "IPC logo (2004).svg",
    ["paris"] = "Eiffel tower.svg",
    ["parliamentary procedure"] = "Gavel.png",
    ["pennsylvania"] = "Flag of Pennsylvania.svg",
    ["pensacola"] = "Flag of Pensacola.svg",
    ["fowkrepublic o cheenae"] = "Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg",
    ["percussion"] = "Bendir.jpg",
    ["personal life"] = "Logo sociology.svg",
    ["peru"] = "Flag of Peru.svg",
    ["pervasive developmental disorders"] = "Autism-stacking-cans 2nd edit.jpg",
    ["pharmacy an pharmacology"] = "Tabletten.JPG",
    ["philadelphia"] = "Libertybell alone small.jpg",
    ["philately"] = "Stamp UK Penny Red pl148.jpg",
    ["philippines"] = "Flag of the Philippines.svg",
    ["philosophy"] = "Socrates.png",
    ["philosophy o science"] = "P philosophy.png",
    ["phoenix, arizona"] = "Portal-puzzle.svg",
    ["photography"] = "Large format camera lens.png",
    ["pheesics"] = "Stylised Lithium Atom.svg",
    ["piano"] = "Bechstein Schriftzug.jpg",
    ["pichilemu"] = "Coat of arms of Pichilemu.svg",
    ["pink floyd"] = "Dispersion prism.jpg",
    ["pipe organ"] = "Ittenheim StGall32.JPG",
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    ["pitt"] = "CathedralfromSSiconcrop.png",
    ["pittsburgh"] = "Pittsburgh city coat of arms.svg",
    ["pk"] = "Flag of Pakistan.svg",
    ["plants"] = "Rose Amber Flush 20070601.jpg",
    ["poetry"] = "Quill and ink.svg",
    ["pokémon"] = "Wikiball.svg",
    ["poland"] = "Flag of Poland.svg|border",
    ["poleetical pairties an politeecians in canadae"] = "Can-vote-stub.svg",
    ["poleeical science"] = "Plato-raphael.jpg",
    ["politics"] = "A coloured voting box.svg",
    ["polynesie"] = "Pacific Culture Areas.jpg",
    ["pape"] = "Coat of arms of the Holy See.svg",
    ["pornography"] = "Nuvola apps aktion.png",
    ["portal"] = "PorcheCentralNordCathedraleChartre041130-.jpg",
    ["portal/viruses"] = "Sida-aids.png",
    ["port o spain"] = "Internationalfinancecentre.JPG",
    ["portugal"] = "Flag of Portugal.svg",
    ["portuguese"] = "Luís de Camões por François Gérard.jpg",
    ["portuguese-speakin"] = "Luís de Camões por François Gérard.jpg",
    ["prague"] = "Praha CoA CZ.svg",
    ["prc"] = "Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg",
    ["prehistoric mammals"] = "Smilodon Knight.jpg",
    ["prescott-russell"] = "Map of Ontario PRESCOTT AND RUSSELL.svg",
    ["primates"] = "Man of the woods.JPG",
    ["prince edward island"] = "Flag of Prince Edward Island.svg|border",
    ["private revelation"] = "Tuam Cathedral of the Assumption Sacred Heart Detail 2009 09 14.jpg",
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    ["progressive rock"] = "'A' (PSF).png",
    ["psychiatry"] = "American Lady Against The Sky.jpg",
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    ["puducherry"] = "IndiaPondicherry.png",
    ["puerto rico"] = "Flag of Puerto Rico.svg",
    ["punjab"] = "Sikh_pilgrim_at_the_Golden_Temple_(Harmandir_Sahib)_in_Amritsar,_India.jpg",
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    ["punjab, pakistan"] = "Flag of Punjab.svg",
    ["punk rock"] = "Crystal Clear app kguitar.png",
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    ["quebec regions"] = "Verwaltungsgliederung Quebecs.png",
    ["queen (baund)"] = "Q00.svg",
    ["queensland"] = "Flag of Queensland.svg",
    ["quran"] = "Quran_logo.png",
    ["r&b an soul muisic"] = "Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg",
    ["rabbits an hares"] = "Lapin01 flipped and colorized.svg",
    ["radio"] = "Radio icon.png",
    ["railways"] = "Locomotive J 1211 front.jpg",
    ["railways in indie"] = "WAP-7 class electric locomotive of Indian Railways.jpg",
    ["ras al-khaimah"] = "Flag of Ras al-Khaimah.svg|border",
    ["ravidassie"] = "HarrNishaan.png",
    ["record production"] = "45 record.png",
    ["reggaetón"] = "Crystal 128 arts.png",
    ["religion"] = "P religion world.svg",
    ["renewable energy"] = "Wind-turbine-icon.svg",
    ["republic o cheenae"] = "Flag of the Republic of China.svg",
    ["republic o macedonie"] = "Flag of Macedonia.svg",
    ["republic o the congo"] = "Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg|border",
    ["rhode island"] = "Flag of Rhode Island.svg|border",
    ["rhône-alpes"] = "Rhône-Alpes flag.svg",
    ["rihanna"] = "Rihanna-brisbane-cropped.jpg",
    ["roads"] = "UK motorway symbol.svg",
    ["robert e. howard"] = "Robert E Howard suit.jpg",
    ["robotics"] = "Animation2.gif",
    ["roc"] = "Flag of the Republic of China.svg",
    ["rock an roll"] = "'A' (PSF).png",
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    ["rock muisic"] = "'A' (PSF).png",
    ["role-playin gemmes"] = "10 sided die.svg",
    ["roma"] = "Roma flag.svg",
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    ["romanie"] = "Flag of Romania.svg|border",
    ["romanie fitbaa"] = "Soccer ball.svg",
    ["roum"] = "Colosseum 2007.jpg",
    ["rosario"] = "Escudo de armas de Rosario.svg",
    ["ryal air force"] = "Ensign of the Royal Air Force.svg",
    ["ryal navy"] = "Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg",
    ["ryalty"] = "Crown of Saint Edward.svg",
    ["rufus wainwright"] = "Rufus Wainwright 3 Met Opera 2010 Shankbone.jpg",
    ["rugby"] = "Rugby P icon.png",
    ["rugby league"] = "Rugby P icon.png",
    ["rugby union"] = "Ru ball.svg",
    ["rush"] = "Rush-in-concert.jpg",
    ["roushie"] = "Flag of Russia.svg|border",
    ["roushie empire"] = "Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire.svg",
    ["rwanda"] = "Flag of Rwanda.svg",
    ["saarc"] = "SAARC.png",
    ["saguenay–lac-saint-jean"] = "Flag of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.svg",
    ["sahrawi arab democratic republic"] = "Flag of Western Sahara.svg",
    ["sailin"] = "Sailing pictogram.svg",
    ["saunt pierre an miquelon"] = "Flag of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.svg",
    ["saunts"] = "Gloriole blur.svg",
    ["san diego"] = "Flag of San Diego, California.svg",
    ["san diego coonty"] = "WPSAN San Diego County Map Version 1.png",
    ["san diego–tijuana"] = "San Diego-Tijuana JPLLandsat.jpg",
    ["san francisco bay aurie"] = "SF From Marin Highlands3.jpg",
    ["san marino"] = "Flag of San Marino.svg",
    ["santana"] = "Img 1 big.jpg",
    ["saskatchewan"] = "Flag of Saskatchewan.svg",
    ["saskatchewan communities & neighbourhuids"] = "Flag-map of Saskatchewan.svg",
    ["saudi arabie"] = "Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg",
    ["saxony"] = "Flag of Saxony.svg",
    ["saxony-anhalt"] = "Wappen_Sachsen-Anhalt.svg",
    ["schleswig-holstein"] = "Landeswappen_Schleswig-Holstein.png",
    ["schuils"] = "School.svg",
    ["science"] = "Nuvola apps kalzium.svg",
    ["science fiction"] = "Sf-userbox.png",
    ["scientology"] = "Scientology e meter blue.jpg",
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    ["seamounts"] = "Seamount.svg",
    ["seattle"] = "SpaceNeedleTopClose.jpg",
    ["sega"] = "SEGA logo.svg",
    ["senegal"] = "Flag of Senegal.svg",
    ["september 11 attacks"] = "Y24-Wtc-september-5.jpg",
    ["serbie"] = "Flag of Serbia.svg",
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    ["sexuality"] = "Sexual orientation - 4 symbols.svg",
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    ["shanghai"] = "Shanghainame.png",
    ["shania twain"] = "Shania Twain Portrait.jpg",
    ["sharjah"] = "Flag of Sharjah.svg|border",
    ["sharks"] = "Greyreefsharksmall2.jpg",
    ["shinto"] = "Shinto torii icon vermillion.svg",
    ["sialkot"] = "Portal-puzzle.svg",
    ["sierra leone"] = "Flag of Sierra Leone.svg|border",
    ["sikhism"] = "Khanda.png",
    ["silesia"] = "Silesia Inferior COA.svg",
    ["sindh"] = "Flag of Sindh Province.png|border",
    ["singapore"] = "Flag of Singapore.svg|border",
    ["slipknot"] = "SlipknotProject.png",
    ["slovakie"] = "Flag of Slovakia.svg|border",
    ["slovenie"] = "Flag of Slovenia.svg|border",
    ["snk"] = "SNK PLAMORE LOGO.png",
    ["soccer in the unitit states"] = "Soccerball USA.png",
    ["social an poleetical philosophy"] = "P derecho.svg",
    ["socialism"] = "Red flag II.svg",
    ["social movements"] = "Peace sign.svg",
    ["society"] = "Social sciences.svg",
    ["sociology"] = "Logo sociology.svg",
    ["saftware"] = "Crystal Clear device cdrom unmount.png",
    ["solar seestem"] = "Solar system.jpg",
    ["somalie"] = "Flag of Somalia.svg|border",
    ["somaliland"] = "Flag of Somaliland.svg",
    ["somerset"] = "Somerset shield.png",
    ["sonic"] = "Chaos emeralds.svg",
    ["sony"] = "Sony logo.svg",
    ["sony playstation"] = "PS3-slim-console.png",
    ["sooth africae"] = "Flag of South Africa.svg|border",
    ["sooth americae"] = "South America.png",
    ["sooth asie"] = "India 78.40398E 20.74980N.jpg",
    ["sooth australie"] = "Flag of South Australia.svg",
    ["sooth carolina"] = "Flag of South Carolina.svg|border",
    ["sooth dakota"] = "Flag of South Dakota.svg",
    ["sootheast asie"] = "Location Southeast Asia.svg",
    ["sooth east ingland"] = "EnglandSouthEast.png",
    ["soothren californie"] = "HollywoodSign.jpg",
    ["soothren europe"] = "Южна Европа.PNG",
    ["sooth korea"] = "Flag of South Korea.svg|border",
    ["sooth pairk"] = "SP in.svg",
    ["southwast asie"] = "Southwest-Asia-map.PNG",
    ["soviet union"] = "Flag of the Soviet Union.svg|border",
    ["space"] = "Earth-moon.jpg",
    ["spaceflicht"] = "RocketSunIcon.svg",
    ["spain"] = "Flag of Spain.svg",
    ["spainyie american wars o unthirldom"] = "Red versus blue swords.svg",
    ["special operations"] = "APP-6 Special Operations Forces.svg",
    ["speculative fiction"] = "Iris centralheterochromy.jpg",
    ["spirituality"] = "EndlessKnot03d.png",
    ["spongebob squarepants"] = "WikiProject_SpongeBob_logo_-_Logo.svg",
    ["sport"] = "Sports icon.png",
    ["sport in canadae"] = "313px-CanadaSoccer.png",
    ["sports"] = "Sports icon.png",
    ["sports an gemmes"] = "Sports and games.png",
    ["sri lanka"] = "Flag of Sri Lanka.svg",
    ["st. john's"] = "City of St. John's.jpg",
    ["st. john's, newfoundland and labrador"] = "City of St. John's.jpg",
    ["stamford"] = "Stamford town crest.png",
    ["starn"] = "He1523a.jpg",
    ["star trek"] = "Delta-shield.svg",
    ["star wars"] = "Lightsaber blue.svg",
    ["state o georgie"] = "Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg|border",
    ["statistics"] = "Fisher iris versicolor sepalwidth.svg",
    ["steampunk"] = "Steampunk-falksen.jpg",
    ["strategy gemmes"] = "Chess.svg",
    ["submarine"] = "Submarine.svg",
    ["sudan"] = "Flag of Sudan.svg",
    ["sufism"] = "Soefi symbool.gif",
    ["suny"] = "Coat of Arms of New York.svg",
    ["superfund"] = "Superfund sites.svg",
    ["superhero fiction"] = "Uomo ragno 1 (Small).jpg",
    ["superleague formula"] = "IMG 6935 Crop Crop.jpg",
    ["supreme coort o the unitit states"] = "Supreme Court.jpg",
    ["suriname"] = "Flag of Suriname.svg",
    ["surrey"] = "EnglandSurrey.png",
    ["sussex"] = "SussexBrit5.PNG",
    ["sustainable development"] = "Sustainable development.svg",
    ["sweden"] = "Flag of Sweden.svg",
    ["swimmin"] = "Swimming pictogram.svg",
    ["swisserland"] = "Flag of Switzerland.svg",
    ["syracuse, new york"] = "SyracuseSkyline01.JPG",
    ["syria"] = "Flag of Syria.svg",
    ["syriac"] = "Syriac Sertâ book script.jpg",
    ["syriac christianity"] = "Bible and Pulpit, Mor Hananyo.jpg",
    ["syrian ceevil war"] = "Flag of Syria (2011 combined).svg",
    ["systems science"] = "Complex-adaptive-system.jpg",
    ["são tomé an príncipe"] = "Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg|border",
    ["tabaristan"] = "P_Tabaristan.svg",
    ["taiwan"] = "Taiwan-icon.svg",
    ["tajikistan"] = "Flag of Tajikistan.svg|border",
    ["tall image"] = "Eiffel1991.jpg",
    ["tamil"] = "Tamil-flag.gif",
    ["tamil nadu"] = "TamilNadu Logo.svg",
    ["tamil fowk"] = "Tamil-flag.gif",
    ["tank"] = "AMISOM T-55.jpg",
    ["tanzanie"] = "Flag of Tanzania.svg",
    ["taoism"] = "Taijitu red.PNG",
    ["tasmania"] = "Flag of Tasmania.svg",
    ["technology"] = "Telecom-icon.svg",
    ["technology an applied sciences"] = "Astronaut-EVA.jpg",
    ["telecommunication"] = "Telecom-icon.svg",
    ["telecommunications"] = "Telecom-icon.svg",
    ["televeesion"] = "Blank television set.svg",
    ["televeesion in australie"] = "Aus tv.svg",
    ["televeesion in canadae"] = "Canadian television stub icon.svg",
    ["televeesion in the unitit kinrick"] = "Union flag tv.svg",
    ["televeesion in the unitit states"] = "USA flag on television.svg",
    ["tennessee"] = "Flag of Tennessee.svg",
    ["tennis"] = "Tennis ball.svg",
    ["terrorism"] = "National Park Service 9-11 Statue of Liberty and WTC fire.jpg",
    ["test"] = "Fond blanc.svg|border|link=Test|alt=Blank Thingy",
    ["texas"] = "Texas flag map.svg|border",
    ["texas a&m varsity"] = "Academicplaza.JPG",
    ["texas tech varsity"] = "Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo.svg",
    ["textile airts"] = "Blue crocheting thread.jpg",
    ["thailand"] = "Flag of Thailand.svg",
    ["theatre"] = "P culture.svg",
    ["the beach boys"] = "LandmarkPhoto2.jpg",
    ["the beatles"] = "The Fabs.JPG",
    ["the clash"] = "Clash 21051980 12 800.jpg",
    ["the gambie"] = "Flag of The Gambia.svg",
    ["the jackson faimily"] = "Michael and Janet Jackson collection.jpg",
    ["the kinks"] = "Helmfrid-sofa4 Touched.JPG",
    ["the legend o zelda"] = "Triforce.svg",
    ["the rolling stones"] = "Stones members montage.JPG",
    ["the simpsons"] = "Simpsons tv icon.svg",
    ["the sims"] = "Selectedsim.jpg",
    ["the supremes"] = "Supremes.Star.Hollywood.Walk.of.Fam.jpg",
    ["the x-files"] = "X from The X-Files logo.svg",
    ["thinkin"] = "Brain.png",
    ["thuringie"] = "Flag of Thuringia.svg",
    ["tibet"] = "Himalayas-Lhasa10.JPG",
    ["tibetan buddhism"] = "Vajrapani American Museum of Natural History.jpg",
    ["time"] = "MontreGousset001.jpg",
    ["timor-leste"] = "Flag of East Timor.svg",
    ["tirana"] = "Wappen Tirana.svg",
    ["tobago"] = "Tobago-sunset.jpg",
    ["togo"] = "Flag of Togo.svg",
    ["tokyo"] = "PrefSymbol-Tokyo.svg",
    ["tonga"] = "Flag of Tonga.svg",
    ["toronto"] = "Toronto Flag.svg",
    ["toys"] = "Toy Soldier.svg",
    ["trains"] = "P train.svg",
    ["transgender"] = "Portal Transgender.svg",
    ["transhumanism"] = "Transhumanism h+.svg",
    ["transport"] = "Nuvola apps ksysv.png",
    ["transportation"] = "Nuvola apps ksysv.png",
    ["trees"] = "Tree template.svg",
    ["trinidad an tobago"] = "Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg",
    ["tropical cyclones"] = "Cyclone Catarina from the ISS on March 26 2004.JPG",
    ["trucks"] = "Sinnbild LKW.svg",
    ["tunisie"] = "Flag of Tunisia.svg|border",
    ["turkey"] = "Flag of Turkey.svg",
    ["turks an caicos islands"] = "Flag of the Turks and Caicos Islands.svg",
    ["turtles"] = "Florida_Box_Turtle_Digon3.jpg",
    ["twilicht"] = "Apple icon 2.png",
    ["typography"] = "AARGUS.jpg",
    ["tyrol"] = "Tirol Wappen.PNG",
    ["u.s. roads"] = "Blank shield.svg",
    ["u.s. virgin islands"] = "Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg",
    ["u2"] = "U2 Ireland flag.svg",
    ["uganda"] = "Flag of Uganda.svg|border",
    ["uk"] = "Flag of the United Kingdom.svg",
    ["uk railways"] = "170433 at Edinburgh Waverley.JPG",
    ["ukraine"] = "Flag of Ukraine.svg",
    ["uk trams"] = "WikiProject UK Trams Banner.jpg",
    ["uk watterways"] = "Moore Bridge.jpg",
    ["umm al-quwain"] = "Flag of Umm al-Qaiwain.svg|border",
    ["un"] = "UN emblem blue.svg",
    ["unnerwatter diving"] = "Helmet logo for Underwater Diving portal.png",
    ["unitit arab emirates"] = "Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg",
    ["unitit kinrick"] = "Flag of the United Kingdom.svg",
    ["unitit naitions"] = "Small Flag of the United Nations ZP.svg",
    ["unitit states"] = "Flag of the United States.svg",
    ["unitit states air force"] = "Seal of the US Air Force.svg",
    ["unitit states airmy"] = "United States Department of the Army Seal.svg",
    ["unitit states coast guard"] = "Ensign of the United States Coast Guard.svg|border",
    ["unitit states marine corps"] = "USMC logo.svg",
    ["unitit states merchant marine"] = "Usmm-seal.png",
    ["unitit states navy"] = "United States Department of the Navy Seal.svg",
    ["unitit states virgin islands"] = "Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg",
    ["varsity"] = "Platopainting.jpg",
    ["varsity o houston"] = "UoHcougarpaw.png",
    ["varsity o montana"] = "Montana UM logo.gif",
    ["varsity o oxford"] = "Bibliotheksstempel Bodleiana.jpg",
    ["varsity o pittsburgh"] = "CathedralfromSSiconcrop.png",
    ["varsity o texas at austin"] = "Hookem hand.svg",
    ["varsity o the arctic"] = "School.svg",
    ["uranus"] = "Uranus2.jpg",
    ["uruguay"] = "Flag of Uruguay.svg",
    ["us"] = "Flag of the United States.svg",
    ["usher"] = "Usherraymond (300dpi).jpg",
    ["utah"] = "Flag of Utah.svg",
    ["uttar pradesh"] = "Seal of Uttar Pradesh.png",
    ["uzbekistan"] = "Flag of Uzbekistan.svg",
    ["vajrayana buddhism"] = "Guru Rinpoche - Padmasambhava statue.jpg",
    ["vancouver"] = "Flag of Vancouver (Canada).svg|border",
    ["vatican ceety"] = "Flag of the Vatican City.svg",
    ["venezuela"] = "Flag of Venezuela.svg",
    ["venice"] = "Café Florian Venise 02.JPG",
    ["vermont"] = "Flag of Vermont.svg",
    ["victoria"] = "Flag of Victoria (Australia).svg",
    ["video gemmes"] = "Gamepad.svg",
    ["vienna"] = "Wien 3 Wappen.svg",
    ["vietnam"] = "Map of Vietnam.png",
    ["virginie"] = "Flag of Virginia.svg",
    ["viruses"] = "Sida-aids.png",
    ["veesual arts"] = "WPVA-khamsa.svg",
    ["volcanism o canadae"] = "Volcanism of Canada flag.png|border",
    ["volcanism o canadae wirkgroup"] = "Volcanism of Canada flag.png",
    ["volcanoes"] = "Spaccato vulcano.png",
    ["wales"] = "Flag of Wales 2.svg|border",
    ["war"] = "Bluetank.png",
    ["war o 1812"] = "USS Constitution vs Guerriere.jpg",
    ["washington"] = "Flag of Washington.svg",
    ["washington & jefferson college"] = "W&J seal old updated color.svg",
    ["washington, d.c."] = "Flag of Washington, D.C..svg|border",
    ["washington dc"] = "Flag of Washington, D.C..svg|border",
    ["washington roads"] = "WA-blank.svg",
    ["watter"] = "Drinking water.jpg",
    ["watter sports"] = "Kitesurfing.jpg",
    ["weapons o mass destruction"] = "Operation Castle - Romeo 001.jpg",
    ["wather"] = "Cumulus clouds in fair weather.jpeg",
    ["wast bengal"] = "BengaliScriptKo.svg",
    ["wastren australie"] = "Flag of Western Australia.svg",
    ["wastren sahara"] = "Flag of Western Sahara.svg",
    ["wast indies"] = "Caribbean map blank.png",
    ["wast sussex"] = "EnglandWestSussex.svg",
    ["wast virginie"] = "Flag of West Virginia.svg",
    ["whitney houston"] = "Flickr Whitney Houston performing on GMA 2009 2.jpg",
    ["wicca"] = "Pentacle 2.svg",
    ["wide image"] = "Cd51-1002g.gif",
    ["wikiafricae"] = "Logo WikiAfrica Palabre.jpg",
    ["wikipedie"] = "X mark.svg",
    ["wiltshire"] = "EnglandWiltshire.png",
    ["wine"] = "Glass of wine.png",
    ["wisconsin"] = "Flag of Wisconsin.svg",
    ["weemen's sport"] = "Netball.svg",
    ["warld rally championship"] = "Peugeot_206_WRC.jpg",
    ["warld war i"] = "Fokker Dr. I (117710246).jpg",
    ["warld war ii"] = "Heinkel He 111 during the Battle of Britain.jpg",
    ["writin"] = "Nuvola apps kmessedwords.png",
    ["wyoming"] = "Flag of Wyoming.svg|border",
    ["x-ray astronomy"] = "Chandra image of Cygnus X-1.jpg",
    ["xbox"] = "Xbox logo 2012 cropped.png",
    ["yoga"] = "Anahata_blue.svg",
    ["york region, ontario"] = "YorkRegion.png",
    ["yorkshire"] = "Yorkshire rose.svg",
    ["yoruba"] = "Ife Kings Head.jpg",
    ["yukon"] = "Flag of Yukon.svg|border",
    ["zambie"] = "Flag of Zambia.svg",
    ["zimbabwe"] = "Flag of Zimbabwe.svg|border",
    ["zoos an aquariums"] = "WikiProject Zoo Logo.JPG",
    ["zoroastrianism"] = "Faravahar.svg",
    ["åland islands"] = "Flag of Åland.svg",
    ["éire"] = "Flag of Ireland.svg"

--                                                ALIASES                                               --

-- The format of the alias table entries is as follows:
--          ["alias name"] = "portal name",
-- Both the alias name and the portal name should be in lower case, and the "Portal:" namespace prefix
-- should be omitted. For example, if you wanted "UK" to be an alias for "Portal:United Kingdom", then the
-- alias name would be "uk" and the portal name would be "united kingdom".

local aliases = {
    ["1990's"] = "1990s",
    ["2000's"] = "2000s",
    ["2010's"] = "2010s",
    ["academy awairds"] = "academy awaird",
    ["ac dc"] = "ac/dc",
    ["african-american"] = "african american",
    ["african-americans"] = "african american",
    ["african americans"] = "african american",
    ["agricultur"] = "agriculture and agronomy",
    ["aiple"] = "apple inc.",
    ["apple inc"] = "apple inc.",
    ["archeology"] = "archaeology",
    ["argentine"] = "argentinae",
    ["a series of unfortunate events"] = "lemony snicket",
    ["asian american"] = "asian americans",
    ["au"] = "australie",
    ["australie"] = "australie",
    ["australie muisic"] = "muisic o australie",
    ["bjork"] = "björk",
    ["brandy"] = "brandy norwood",
    ["canadian sports"] = "canadie sport",
    ["childer's an young adult literatur"] = "childer's literatur",
    ["childer an young adult literatur"] = "childer's literatur",
    ["classical ceevilization"] = "classical ceevilisation",
    ["classics"] = "classical ceevilisation",
    ["computin"] = "information technology",
    ["dallas"] = "dallas – fort worth metroplex",
    ["dallas-fort worth"] = "dallas – fort worth metroplex",
    ["dallas - fort worth metroplex"] = "dallas – fort worth metroplex",
    ["detroit"] = "metro detroit",
    ["disaster"] = "disasters",
    ["destrict o columbie"] = "washington, d.c.",
    ["economics"] = "business and economics",
    ["economy"] = "business and economics",
    ["films"] = "film",
    ["first warld war"] = "warld war i",
    ["gambie"] = "the gambia",
    ["georgie"] = "georgie (kintra)",
    ["georgie (u.s. state)"] = "state o georgie",
    ["georgie usa"] = "state o georgie",
    ["georgie usa"] = "state o georgie",
    ["hawai'i"] = "hawaii",
    ["hawaiʻi"] = "hawaii",
    ["hip-hop"] = "hip hop",
    ["hispanic an latino american"] = "hispanic an laitino americans",
    ["indian christianity"] = "christianity in indie",
    ["information science"] = "library an information science",
    ["it"] = "information technology",
    ["kinricko the netherlands"] = "netherlands",
    ["law enforcement/law enforcement topics"] = "law enforcement",
    ["macedonie"] = "republic o macedonie",
    ["madonna"] = "madonna (entertainer)",
    ["méxico"] = "mexico",
    ["nrhp"] = "naitional register o historic places",
    ["nrhp"] = "naitional register o historic places",
    ["ocean"] = "oceans",
    ["organised labour"] = "organized labour",
    ["organized labor"] = "organized labour",
    ["pei"] = "prince edward island",
    ["python"] = "python programmin",
    ["qur'an"] = "quran",
    ["québec"] = "quebec",
    ["romani people"] = "romani",
    ["schuil"] = "schuils",
    ["seicont warld war"] = "warld war ii",
    ["soccer"] = "association fitbaa",
    ["speculativefiction"] = "speculative fiction",
    ["tropical cyclone"] = "tropical cyclones",
    ["usa"] = "unitit states",
    ["us roads"] = "u.s. roads",
    ["vg"] = "video gemmes",
    ["video gemme"] = "video gemmes",
    ["wrc"] = "warld rally championship",
    ["zaire"] = "democratic republic o the congo",
    ["zaïre"] = "democratic republic o the congo"

-- The following code ensures that the data in the images and aliases tables are available
-- to other Lua modules. It should not be changed.
return {
    images = images,
    aliases = aliases