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Module documentation[craeft]
require('Module:No globals')

local p = {}
local templateArgs = {}
local info = {}

local paramData = require( 'Module:Biota infobox/data' ) -- contains the taxon ranks in order

-- call parameter checking independently of taxobox display
function p.main(frame)
	return info.parameterCategory 
-- get parameters for calling function
function p.getArgs(frame, args, localinfo)
	templateArgs = args
	info = localinfo
-- get the arguments and check them in vaious ways
function p._getArgs(frame)
	local parents = mw.getCurrentFrame():getParent()
    local tempArgs={} -- local copy of arguments that will be checked (empty, aliases, invalid)
    -- get copy of parent arguments, aliasing spaces for underscores
	for k,v in pairs(parents.args) do
		if type (k) == 'string' then            -- no positional parameters 
			--v = v:match('^%s*(.-)%s*$')       -- include trimming (only needed for positional parameters)
			if v and (v ~= "") then             -- check for content
				local j = k:gsub( " ", "_")     -- substitute spaces with underscore (aliases)
				tempArgs[j]=v                   -- parents.args[k]
	-- do we need to check frame args?
	for k,v in pairs(frame.args) do
		if v and v ~= "" then                  --check for content

	-- parameters that can be set without a value, e.g. |extinct= 
	if parents.args['extinct'] and parents.args['extinct'] == "" then templateArgs['extinct'] = "" end

	if parents.args['auto'] or frame.args['auto'] then = parents.args['auto']  or frame.args['auto']   -- keep template parameters seperate from control flow arguments
    p.preprocessArgs(tempArgs) -- check aliases, check valid parameters for calling template

function p.preprocessArgs(tempArgs) -- handles aliases ajc validates parameters
	info.parameterCategory = ""     -- initialise empty string for tracking categories
	p.aliasParams(tempArgs)         -- check parameters for aliases
    p.validateParams(tempArgs)      -- check parameters for invalid parameters (from allowed list)
	p._checkParameters(tempArgs)    -- check manual taxon ranks, orphaned parameters and invalid combinations
--[[ -------------------------------------------------------------------
     function p.aliasParams(tempArgs)
         -- alias of spaces to underscores handled in getArgs()
         -- uses alias list from the data subpage (param.aliasmap)
         -- e.g. local aliasMap = {  ['fossil_range'] = 'temporal_range',  
		                             ['colour_as'] = 'color_as', ... }
function p.aliasParams(tempArgs)

    -- change parameters using alias map
    for k,v in pairs(paramData.aliasMap) do
		if tempArgs[k] then                 -- if templateArgs has parameter with alias name
			tempArgs[v] = tempArgs[k];	    -- create new element with alias' value as key
			tempArgs[k] = nil;			    -- delete the alias

    --[[ alias: change parameters using spaces instead of underscores
	local localArgs = {} -- Note: adding new keys while iterating over a table gives unpredictable results
    for k,v in pairs(templateArgs) do
       if type(k)=='string' then
			local j,n = string.gsub(k, " ", "_")               -- substitute spaces
			if n > 0 then --if j ~= k then      -- if substitution made
				localArgs[j] = v	            -- create new key with underscore
			    localArgs[k] = nil;			    -- delete old key with space 
	        	localArgs[k] = v
    templateArgs = localArgs -- now copy the corrected table
	--templateArgs['debug'] = mw.dumpObject (templateArgs)

--[[ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
	function p.validateParams(tempArgs)
	    - uses list of valid parametere accepted by template (from data subpage)
	        params.validList = {
						automatictaxobox = params.validAutomatictaxobox,
						speciesbox       = params.validSpeciesbox,
						subspeciesbox    = params.validSubspeciesbox,
					    infraspeciesbox  = params.validInfraspeciesbox,	}
	    - invalid parameters are retaining in tempArgs
function p.validateParams(tempArgs)

	local validParamsList = paramData.validList[]
    if type(validParamsList) == 'table' then      -- if checklist for valid parameters
	    for k,v in pairs(validParamsList) do
	       if tempArgs[v] then                    -- v contains the name of valid parameter key
	       	   templateArgs[v] = tempArgs[v]
	       	   tempArgs[v] = nil                  -- delete so only invalid arguments left in tempArgs
	       end                                    -- TODO use these for tracking categories (partially done)
	    tempArgs['auto'] = nil                    -- this if not on tracking list but used internally
	    if #tempArgs  then                        -- table  not empty -- if next(tempArgs) ~= nil then
		    templateArgs['debug'] =  mw.dumpObject(tempArgs) 
		    info.parameterCategory = info.parameterCategory .. "[[Category:Automatic taxobox wi unsupportit parameters]]"

   else -- checklist for valid parameters not available for this option
	    for k,v in pairs(tempArgs) do
	    	templateArgs[k] = v
    --DISABLE the parameter checking is currently being call from the template (this is temporary)
    -- this function checks for bad combinations (e.g. genus without species)
    --info.parameterCategory = p._checkParameters(frame)

-------------------------------------- CATEGORY FUNCTIONS --------------------------------
-- function for external invoke
function p.checkParameters(frame)
    p.getArgs(frame) -- populates templateArgs[] with parameters, after alias checking and validation of supported parameters
                     -- then calls p._checkParameters for addition parameter checking 
    return info.parameterCategory -- return tracking categories
-- function that checks for extraneous parameters
function p._checkParameters(tempArgs)
    local categoryString = ""
    -- (1) check for speciesbox with taxon and (genus or species)
    if == "speciesbox" then
	    if templateArgs['taxon'] and (templateArgs['genus'] or templateArgs['species']) then
	    	categoryString = categoryString .. "[[Category:Speciesboxes uisin taxon wi genus or species parameters]]"
    -- (2) check for manual taxobox parameters
	for k,v in pairs(paramData.taxonRanks) do --run through manual taxobox parameter list
		if v == 'genus' then break end -- don't check at genus and below
		if tempArgs[v] then -- use tempArgs as these won't have been validated (produces redundant category?)
		   	categoryString = categoryString .. "[[Category:Automatic taxoboxes uisin manual rank parameters]]"
	local orphan = false
	local dependentParams = { 
		image_caption =  'image',   image_alt = 'image',   image_upright = 'image', image_width = 'image',
		image2_caption =  'image2', image2_alt = 'image2', image2_upright = 'image2', image2_width = 'image2',
		range_map_caption = 'range_map', range_map_alt = 'range_map',   range_map_upright = 'range_map', range_map_width = 'range_map',
		range_map2_caption = 'range_map2', range_map2_alt = 'range_map2',   range_map2_upright = 'range_map2', range_map2_width = 'range_map2',
		range_map3_caption = 'range_map3', range_map3_alt = 'range_map3',   range_map3_upright = 'range_map3', range_map3_width = 'range_map3',
		range_map4_caption = 'range_map4', range_map4_alt = 'range_map4',   range_map4_upright = 'range_map4', range_map4_width = 'range_map4',
	for k,v in pairs(dependentParams) do
	    if templateArgs[k] and not templateArgs[v] then orphan = true end
	    --templateArgs[k] = nil -- delete orphaned variable
	if orphan then 
		categoryString = categoryString .. "[[Category:Automatic taxoboxes wi orphaned dependent parameters]]"
	-- paraphyletic groups using manual taxonomy
	--categoryString = categoryString .. "[[Category:" .. mw.getCurrentFrame():getParent():getTitle()  .."]]"
	if mw.getCurrentFrame():getParent():getTitle() == "Template:Paraphyletic group" then
		if ~= "yes" and ~= "virus" then
			categoryString = categoryString .. "[[Category:Paraphyletic group infoboxes wi manual taxonomy]]" 
		--categoryString = categoryString .. "[[Category:Paraphyletic group infoboxes]]"

	-- add to category list
	info.parameterCategory = info.parameterCategory .. categoryString
	--return  categoryString

return p