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Mitsubishi Cordia

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1985–1989 Mitsubishi Cordia (AC) GSL hatchback (Australie)

The Mitsubishi Cordia is a compact hatchback-coupé that wis biggit bi Mitsubishi Motors frae 1982 tae 1990. Its name is supposedly an amalgam o "cordorite" (a lustrous mineral) an "diamonds" frae Mitsubishi's Three Diamonds logo. Alongside the Tredia an Starion, it wis ane o the first caurs importit an sauld tae Americae bi the company athoot the involvement o its then pairtner, the Chrysler Corporation.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

Designed tae fit atween the existin Galant an Lancer models tae increase the oweraw lineup o passenger vehicles, the Cordia an Tredia uised front-wheel drive, an wur seemilar in design tae the contemporary Mirage. Thay incorporatit a MacPherson strut/beam axle suspension, front disc brakes, manual or electrically controlled automatic transmission, an a choice o three ingines: a 1.4 litre ratit at 68 hp, a 74 hp (55 kW) a 1.6 litre, an a 112 hp (84 kW) turbochairged 1.6 litre. Some export markets an aa received a carb-fed 110 hp (82 kW) 2.0 litre.

The caurs wur gien a mild facelift in 1983, an fower-wheel drive wis affered in 1984. The ingine range wis owerhauled in 1985 tae allou the caurs tae run on unleaded fuel, includin the introduction o a 1.8 litre ingine in baith 100 hp (70 kW) naturally-aspirated an 135 hp (101 kW) turbochairged form, afore production wis discontinued in 1990. 1988 wis its last year in the Unitit States.

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