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Miss Moneypenny

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Miss Moneypenny
James Bond chairacter
File:Miss Moneypenny by Lois Maxwell.jpg
Creautit biIan Fleming
Portrayed bi
ThriftSecretary to M
Lieutenant RN
Former field agent

Miss Moneypenny, later designed the first names o Eve or Jane, is a fictional character in the James Bond novelles an films. She is secretar tae M, wha is Bond's heidsman an heid ane o the British Secret Service (MI6). Aw tho she haes a smaw pairt in maist o the films, it is aye hielichted bi the underscored romantic tachtion atween her an Bond (something that is virtually na-endurant in Ian Fleming's novelles, tho is some pairt maire apparent in the Bond novelles bi John Gardner an Raymond Benson). On that note, she is nae ayeways conseedered to be a Bond bird, haein niver haed onything maire than a perfaissional relationship wi Bond.