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Middleport is located in the Unitit Kinrick
Location within the United Kingdom
OS grid referenceSJ864496
Unitar authority
Ceremonial coonty
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictST6
Diallin code01782
EU PairlamentWest Midlands
UK Pairlament
Leet o places
53°02′37″N 2°12′12″W / 53.0436°N 2.2034°W / 53.0436; -2.2034Coordinates: 53°02′37″N 2°12′12″W / 53.0436°N 2.2034°W / 53.0436; -2.2034

Middleport is a residential an industrial destrict o the toun o Burslem in the ceety o Stoke-on-Trent, England. Middleport lees tae the wast o Burslem, atween Burslem toun centre an the Newcastle-under-Lyme destrict o Porthill. Tae the north is Tunstall an tae the sooth Cobridge an Etruria. Middleport blurs intae Longport.

Middleport is primarily residential, wi distinctive Victorian terracit hooses. Housomeivver, it a wirkin industrial destrict an aw an conteens several potteries: rangin frae Middleport Pottery Archived 2016-03-14 at the Wayback Machine, the auldest wirkin Victorian pottery, awned an restored bi The Prince's Regeneration Trust, whaur Burleigh Pottery is made; tae the airt-driven Lorna Bailey; tae Steelite, a modren mass-production ceramics producer.

The Trent and Mersey Canal an a key path o the National Cycle Network run throu Middleport. The line o the canal throu the City of Stoke-on-Trent is a linear conservation aurie. Middleport conteens ane o the niation's richest stretches o canalside industrial heritage. Syne 1990 the canal aurie haes benefitit frae aroond £1m o Groundwork fundin, an £4m o Townscape Heritage fundin. Clarice Cliff's Newport Pottery, whaur she producit some o her maist famous wirk, wis adjacent tae the canal an a airtist-designed 12-fuit steel markerpost identifees the location.

Middleport is a aurie that is strategic tae the regeneration o the ceety, as it sits in the centre o a ring o imminent projects totallin aroond £250m: the Chatterley Valley scheme, the Etruria Valley scheme, the regeneration o Burslem toun centre, an a proposed major "pairk an ride" interchynge an business-pairk on the steid o the auld Shelton Bar steel rollin-mill.

Middleport pilotit a commonty wairden service in 2002 & 2003; as a result, creeme droppit bi 80 per cent. The service wis subsequently extendit athort Stoke-on-Trent an adoptit in ither ceeties.

Middleport features in several o the novels o Arnold Bennett, an the film version o his The Card wis filmit in Middleport wi Alec Guinness.

Middleport Park Bowling Club haes a naitional reputation an haes wan several naitional trophies.

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