Michel Jonasz

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Michel Jonasz (born 21 Januar 1947 in Drancy, Fraunce) is a French componer, sangwriter, sangster an actor. His compositions include: La boîte de jazz, Joueurs de blues and Les vacances au bord de la mer.

Born frae Hungarian immigrant parents, Michel Jonasz left schuil at the age o 15 tae fynd his wey in the airts. Paintin, theatre an muisic interestit him, but he began his airtistic career as a pianist. Efter wirkin wi baith Vigon an The Lemons, in 1966 he creatit the baund King Set wi his friend, the guitarist Alain Goldstein.

Twa radio successes made his voice an his talent for rhythm kent: an oreeginal composition,Apesanteur (Wichtlessness), in 1967, an Jezebel in 1968.

His solo career began slowly wi a single ("45t") at the end o 1968 unner the name o Michel Kingset, the next in 1970 unner his awn name. He haed tae wait tikl 1974 tae fynd a lairge audience wi twa simultaneous hits ("tubes"): Dites-Moi an Super Nana.

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